Photos from Horfe's "Hard Comix @ Galerie Celal

November 14, 2012

A few weeks back, the prolific Parisian graffiti artist, Horfe, opened a new show at Galerie Celal in Paris, which consisted of a large selection of heavily detailed canvas works. The show entitled “Hard Comix” exemplifies the artist's extremely loose line work that we speak highly of.


jux_horfe_art_show1 jux_horfe_art_show2 jux_horfe_art_show3 jux_horfe_art_show4 jux_horfe_art_show5 jux_horfe_art_show6 jux_horfe_art_show7 jux_horfe_art_show8 jux_horfe_art_show9 jux_horfe_art_show10 jux_horfe_art_show11 jux_horfe_art_show12 jux_horfe_art_show13 jux_horfe_art_show14 jux_horfe_art_show15 jux_horfe_art_show16 jux_horfe_art_show17 jux_horfe_art_show33 jux_horfe_art_show30 jux_horfe_art_show29 jux_horfe_art_show28 jux_horfe_art_show27 jux_horfe_art_show26 jux_horfe_art_show25 jux_horfe_art_show24 jux_horfe_art_show23 jux_horfe_art_show22 jux_horfe_art_show21 jux_horfe_art_show20 All Photos via Sonerd