An interview with PDog

August 02, 2014

Pdog has been writing for 13 plus years and reps the Surviving Rough Times Crew. We got a chance to catch up with him recently and ask him a few question about his graf career.

WY: What do you write and what crews do you rep?
PDOG:I write and I'm from Survive Rough Times.

WY: Give us a little history on SRT and what it means to you.
PDOG: SRT was started in my neighborhood back in 97 by Chue. Chue and Boo had my neighborhood pretty crushed when I was growing up. I would see Boo ghosts all over, I even tried to draw them on my closet door. Eventually, like 13 years later I got put down by BX and BOO. For me SRT means family, I got their back they got mine.

WY: Who did you look up to coming up in the graffiti scene?
PDOG: For me growing up, I don't know that I looked up to any specific writers. Growing up my area was (still is) a buff, so for the most part I was seeing graffiti either on the blue line or dipping to my Grandmas crib in Eagle Rock, I used to always get her to take me to the zoo so I could see the rollers in the river. Going to work with my parents was always dope too, Pops worked in Korea town, and my Mom worked in the middle of downtown which meant there was plenty of sprays to see. Right now, I look up anyone who sprays anything, toy or not. Just don't go over me or my friends.

WY: You recently traveled to Detroit. What was it like to paint there compared to LA?
PDOG: LA has its obstacles and so does Detroit, other than that there is no comparison. Don't visit either, stay home.

WY: Favorite partners to paint with?
PDOG: I don't want to burn my friends out. They know who they are.

WY: Who's a writer that doesn't get enough cred in your opinion?
PDOG: My friend Spain.

WY: 3 tracks that get you pumped to go painting
PDOG: I don't listen to music while painting, and I am always pumped to paint. If anything some ignorant trap shit or some legit punk might inspire me to spray.

WY: Any good stories from a night of painting you wanna share?
PDOG: Is a good story where nothing crazy happened and I made it home and went to bed and ate breakfast the next day? Or is a good story when some crazy shit does happen and I had to hide in a homeless prostitute's little fuck shack surrounded by magnum wrappers? Or is it a combination of the two like getting shot at in Oakland then making it back to BART, and then eating a quality burrito in the mission?

WY: Any final words or shout outs you wanna give?
PDOG: First and foremost RIP BATLE! We miss you man, you'll never know what an impact you had on us, see you soon enough asshole. Other than that, I want to say Hi! to my friends and all the girls who think my throw cute.

Interview and photos by Walter Yetman aka The Harsh Truth of the Camera EyeFollow him on Instagram.