"These female nudes are of friends, acquaintances and volunteers from the internet. I often trawl charity shops and stores that sell cheap kitsch because I sometimes come across objects and trinkets that may lead to ideas for photos. I came across some small mirrors in a £1 shop. They were selling them for £1 for two. I bought six not knowing what I would do with them."

"After a false start I eventually came up with the idea of shooting nudes with them. I have used mirrors before in my work but never in multiples. After initially trying to get as many into an image as possible, I then started thinking up different permutations, finally working my way back down to one mirror (I was asked for the use of the later for a controversial feminist book in Argentina). As the mirrors were so small, you can only reflect a small portion of the body with one, which led me to try to reconstitute a woman with several."

My photographs start with a strong central “event” then comes location and colour. They contain surrealism, the unusual and the quirky. I use eroticism and frequently narrative elements to that lead the viewer to conjecture what may have happened before or after the frame was taken. Some images are like stills from films that have never been made. They are about not only desire but the problems that go with it." —Alva Bernadine

Alva Bernadine is largely self-taught and has won the Vogue Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award for young photographers with his series of shoe pictures, entitled, The Fetish. In 2001 he had a book of his work published, Bernadinism: How to Dominate Men and Subjugate Women, for which he won Erotic Photographer of the Year in Britain. Since then he has leaned more towards erotic photography.