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Best of 2013: James Jean, February 2013

Published February, 2013
Vault // Wednesday, 18 Dec 2013

For the rest of the month, we are looking back on some of our favorite features from our print edition. Today, we look at the February 2013 cover story with James Jean. At the time, James Jean retired, then didn’t really retire at all. In a similar vein of Michael Jordan, who retired from one phase of his career only to return stronger and more well-equipped to dominate once again, Jean left the illustration world behind in 2008, redefining himself as one of the most talented and intriguing fine artists of his generation...

On the eve of perhaps the biggest show of his career, Parallel Lives, opening at Tilton Gallery in NYC on January 9, 2013  Jean was, once again, at a crossroads. This conversation covers everything from his newest work, his personal life, and how he wants to escape.


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