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Art Alliance Profile: Winston Smith

Published July, 2014
Vault // Friday, 25 Jul 2014

We announced this week on the site that Juxtapoz was lucky to be invited to participate in what will be a fantastic public art and exhibition in Chicago during Lollapolooza. Shepard Fairey has curated a "Art Alliance: The Provocateurs" in Chicago from July 31—August 4, 2014, featuring a fantastic roster of artists from all mediums and eras. Today, we look at one participating artist, Punk Art Surrealist, Winston Smith.

We wanted to give our readers a chance to get their tickets now, so if you happen to be in Chicago, or headed to Lollapolooza and want to see the "Provocateurs" show, follow this link for ADVANCED TICKETS.

As we mentioned yesterday as well, for the next two weeks, Juxtapoz will be posting past features from many of the artists in Art Alliance from our print edition. Some interviews are new, some old, but we hope for some people who want to learn more about these artists these features and interviews can help provide insight into the work and artists lives. This interview with Winston Smith is from our recent May 2014 issue of Juxtapoz.

We asked Winston about "The Provocateurs":

"I'm hoping that this type of setting, that is, in coincidence with the Lollapalooza Music Event that would encourage people to see visual artwork as an approachable part of our culture. So much of what passes for "Art" in the 20th Century and now the 21st has been dummied-down to mere advertising promo. It's like taking the great classics from the history of music (symphonies and concertos) and flattening them out to be little more than catchy jingles.

"One of the multitude of things Shepard excels at in his career as an artist is his ability to take otherwise innocuous, visual bow-wow-wow type advert images and recast them in a subversive light that brings to the surface their true nature as cultural seduction. All art is usually some form (subtile or otherwise) of persuasion. But the styling and rendering of Shepard's compositions clearly exposes the power of images as being seductive—and, ultimately, world-changing.

It's a remarkable honor that he chose several pieces of mine to be included in the Provocateurs show. And it's a great line-up of artists he's showcasing. Shepard's been working on this project for a long time and I'm hoping people will take the opportunity to treat themselves to the visual dynamism he and the Art Alliance team have assembled for this new event."

One of the major highlights of the exhibition will be that a portion of the event proceeds will be donated to Chicago Arts Partnerships In Education (CAPE), an organization which inspires students to be passionate about their education by weaving visual and performing arts into their classroom lessons. They bring academic subjects to life through art, and partner teaching artists with Chicago Public School teachers to develop original, creative lesson plans.




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