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Tattoed Vixen Cervena Fox

Tattoo // Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012



Cervena Fox is a London-based freelance model whose body of work also shows off a bounty of tattoos. Careful, some of these shots verge on NSFW territory. On her tattoos, Fox explains: 'Something that I feel says a lot about me are my tattoos. I always take ages to decide on one. My first tattoos were the swallows on my hips, following that I then had my leg corseting done. I found it ironic at the time as I had no piercings but loved corsets. The pirate sleeve embodies the more mischievous side of my personality, the female character depicted I actually drew when I was 16! My fox sleeve was drawn and planned in college when researching japanese mythology and has only recently been produced in tattoo form. My latest tattoo has been the latest touches to my side piece which is in memory of my nan and symbolises my family life. '



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