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New Mike Giant Books from Rebel8

Tattoo // Thursday, 08 Sep 2011

Rebel8 just released 3 new books/zines from San Francisco-based Mike Giant: Americana Tattoo Flash Collection, Buddhist Basics, and Goathedz Issue Two. You have a range to learn from with the wise Giant. All available in the Rebel8 store.

Americana Tattoo Flash Collection: 111 pages of original Mike Giant tattoo flash. This is the first printing of AMERICANA TATTOO FLASH COLLECTION VOLUME ONE Book numbered 250/250.

Buddhist Basics: 34 pages of the most basic and beneficial ideas in Buddhist ideology by Mike Giant. This is the first printing of BUDDHIST BASICS Book numbered 100/100.

Goathedz Issue Two: 112 pages of various illustrations, photos, and writings by Mike Giant and some friends. This is the first printing of GOATHEDZ ISSUE TWO Book numbered 100/100.


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