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Tattoo // Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012

No matter your rhyme or reasoning, getting a solid, blackwork tattoo is a big deal. Whether its a hand, a leg, a full sleeve, or a portion of, you've committed your body to the ink. Here's a set of some blackwork tattoos of epic proportions, and a list of blackwork tattoo artists from around the globe if you feel so inclined.... image by Junmatsui.

List of Blackwork Artists


  • Thomas Hooper, Saved Tattoo, Brooklyn NY
  • Ishmael. Westside Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Shane Murphy, Out Of The Dark World Tattoo, Worcester, MA
  • Michael E. Bennett, 2Spirit Tattoo, San Francisco
  • Roxxi, 2Spirit Tattoo, San Francisco
  • Kimberly Reed, The Butcher Tattoo Studio, Savannah, GA
  • Michael DeMatty of Black & Blue Tattoo, San Francisco, CA.
  • Ed Frazier, Diamond Thieves, Asheville NC


  • george costache, zink studios, canterbury
  • Deryn, Tenacious Tattoo, Sheffield UK
  • Chris Higgins, Into You Tattoo, UK.
  • Tomas Tomas, Into You Tattoo, UK.
  • Jessi James, Art and Soul Plymouth, Devon.
  • Andy Bowler, Monki Do Tattoo Studio, Belper, Derbyshire, UK
  • Mark Gibson, Monki Do Tattoo Studio, Belper, Derbyshire, UK.
  • Boff Konkerz, London.
  • Kris, Studio IX in Manchester, England.

New Zealand/Australia

  • Tim Hunt, Pacific Tattoo, Paekakariki, NZ
  • Megan Oliver, Inner Vision Tattoo, Sydney, Australia.
  • Daniel Sharp, Victims of ink, port melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


  • mark mason, addicted tattoo, barcelona


  • Alexis Calvie, Black Heart tattoo studio, St Raphael, France.
  • Lenad Nada, Mikes tattoo - Lille - France


  • Manuel Winkler Clockwork Tattoos Italy


  • Frede, Black Sheep, Odense, DK


  • Susan, Ink Tank Tattoo, Zurich

Czech Republic

  • Martin, Hell Fallen Angel, Prague, CZ


  • Gerhard Wiesbeck, Time Travelling Tattoo, Germany


  • Patrik, Blue Lotus, Eskilstuna Sweden.


  • Jesse Villarreal, Main St. Tattoo in Merced, CA.
  • mikel - 4 truths tattoo sangha - victoria b.c.


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