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Dr. Lakra @ Museo de la Ciudad de México

Tattoo // Tuesday, 01 Nov 2011

Mexico's Dr Lakra, cover artist of our August 2010 issue, will be having a museum exhibition at the Museo de la Ciudad de México in Mexico City beginning December 7, 2011. After a museum retrospective at the Boston ICA in the summer of 2010, the critically acclaimed artist will be showcasing works never-before-seen in Mexico City.

We have quite a bit of history with Dr. Lakra, as the artist was part of our first ever issue in 1994 (on the recommendation of Don Ed Hardy). Watching Lakra appear in museums around the world is something we take great pride in.

Here is our attempt to translate the Spanish press release . . . the exhibition opens on December 7, 2011 in Mexico City.

Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez (Mexico City, 1972), better known as Dr. Lakra, is self-taught illustrator and tattoo artist. His nickname reflects a tendency toward rebellion: the title "doctor" implies respect while "Lakra 'in Spanish is slang for criminal and a play on the word" scourge "which means scar or mark.

Dr. Lakra explores bazaars and bookshops of the world in search of surfaces on which to draw, including classic editions of prints, magazines, postcards, movie posters and photographs. These materials contain political and cultural issues and seductive advertising images and figures of wrestling and Mexican pop culture.


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