Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash

Tattoo // Sunday, 13 Sep 2009

Jo Waterhouse, author of the Concrete to Canvas books, has just had her third art book published called Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash.

"The idea was to take a look into the personal portfolios of tattooists," Explains Jo, "And look at the work they are producing outside of the tattoo studio. Some of the artwork is naturally and overtly 'tattooey' as you might expect, but for other work it isn't obvious that the artist is a tattooist at all, as the idea was to showcase artwork by tattooists who are also artists - whatever form that artwork might take, rather than document 'tattoo art' as such."

The book features 26 international artists and tattooists including Guy Aitchison, Daniel Albrigo, Mandie Barber, Chris Bourke, Regino Gonzales, Angelique Houtkamp, Lina Stigsson, Michele Wortman and many others as well as cover artist Gillian Goldstein. The book's Foreword is written by tattoo studio owner and curator Jesse Lee Denning.

The book is out now in the US and out on September 21st in the UK.



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