When In Seoul—Video

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Our resident blogger, Alice Han, just posted this interesting video called "When In Seoul." We like this new trend of people creating really beautiful, serene videos where the music is minimal and the city is the main actor. Director Dan Pak has done a great job here. Watch the video after the jump . . .

Robert Williams' Mr Bitchin showing at MOCA next month

Street Art // Sunday, December 26, 2010
One of Juxtapoz' founders continues to have his film make the rounds for prestigious events. Jeffrey Deitch and the MOCA are showing Robert Williams' new documentary, Mr Bitchin, on January 16, 2011. The special presentation will also have a panel discussion with Mr. Williams, Mat Gleason, and other special guests.

Merry Christmas from Montreal's 123Klan

Juxtapoz // Friday, December 24, 2010
We recently featured Montreal design and art collective, 123Klan, in the December magazine, and they were kind enough to send us and friends a Merry Christmas e-card and video. They prefaced this card with the fact that it was nontraditional. See the full nontraditional card and video after the jump . . .

Poster Art Specialist EMEK on Last Call

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 23, 2010
Emek is one of the more popular poster artists working today, and his newest monograph, Emek: The Thinking Man's Poster Artist, have gained a bunch of momentum since its release this Fall. You know you are good at poster art when the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame collects your work. Recently, Emek was featured on "Last Call" with a long segment that focused on his career and the new book. Watch after the jump . . .

Basquiat was born 12-22-1960

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 22, 2010
We almost forgot to mention this, but today Jean-Michel Basquiat would have been 50, being born on December 22, 1960. Of course we all know he died of the young age of 27 of a heroin overdose, but his legendary and influential fine art and work on the streets under the moniker "SAMO" has been well-documented and preserved.

Banksy says his movie is real, nominated for top British film award

Street Art // Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Exit Through the Gift Shop continues to have a strong year, as Banksy's film was nominated by the London Critics' Circle for the Breakthrough British Filmmaker award. Not bad for someone who came in halfway on the project (or so it seems). And on that front, Mr Banksy says the film is entirely true. More after the jump . . .

Anthony Clarkson—A Time To Forget Video Teaser

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Anthony Clarkson will be celebrating a solo show at Thinkspace Gallery this coming February 2011, and we already have the video teaser to show you. We had met Clarkson's work at our 15th Anniversary Benefit show, and are happy to see his ghostly surreal work making a solo appearence at Thinkspace. Trailer after the jump . . .

Exit x Krink x Absolut Vodka Video 3 of 3

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 22, 2010
We finish off the coverage of the Krink x Absolut x Exit Magazine collaboration today, as our NYC Graffiti subscriber cover artist just sent us the last video installment. Check the video after the jump . . .

Barry McGee video from Transfer in Sao Paulo

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, December 21, 2010
If you can remember back to July, Juxtapoz had extensive coverage on the ground at the Transfer show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After a bit of time, a video of Barry McGee, one of the American artists who made it down to the important Brazilian show, from Transfer was just finished and released. Watch it after the jump . . .

Exit X Krink X Absolut Vodka Video 2 of 3

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Now we view part 2 of 3 of the Krink x Exit x Absolut collaboration, this time looking a little further down the line of the project. The full collaboration is in Exit Magazine this month, but the process behind the scenes is always interesting, especially when watching KR work with his signature product. More after the jump . . .


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