Juxtapoz Presents OTW.tv: Tait Roelofs Episode 3

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Rad dude and rare billboard muralists—a dying American art form—Tait Roelofs takes us through his artist studio in his final OffTheWall.tv episode after finishing up another mural that's, well, mind blowing in hand-painted scale. Step inside the artist's creative space and get to know Taity Bear.

Shawn Stussy Studio Visit Video by Seth Epstein

Juxtapoz // Monday, February 20, 2012
A little holiday viewing, as Southern California surf, skate, fashion, and culture icon Shawn Stussy, just as he is about to open a surf shop in Tokyo, is captured in this studio visit video by Seth Epstein. The Thelonious Monk is a nice touch. Watch Stussy shape surfboards after the jump . . .

Buenos Aires—Inception Park Video

Juxtapoz // Monday, February 20, 2012
Have you ever wanted to take a roller coaster ride through a major city? And no, New York, New York in Las Vegas doesn't count. Fernando Livschitz has created this playful, visual effects treat of a conceptual theme park full of rides throughout the city of Buenos Aires. Video after the jump . . .

The LED Snow Surfer

Juxtapoz // Friday, February 17, 2012
We are going to call this one of the most original ideas we have seen in 2012. This is a beautiful and dramatic video piece by Jacob Sutton, where he takes pro snowboarder William Hughes and films him at night in a uniform adorned with LED lights on a French slope. What looks flawless didn't come easy: Sutton spent three nights on the slopes, using his Red Epic camera at temperatures of -25C.


Street Art // Thursday, February 16, 2012
Following our previous coverage of The Boneyard Project: Return Trip comes this new video produced by filmmaker, Jason Wawro, documenting the ideas and process behind this unique aviation art project.   Watch as artists Faile, Andrew Schoultz and Bast express their enthusiasm and frustrations with painting such unusual canvases.  We would love to see this project grow and become a fleet of painted planes!

An Interview with Ela Boyd

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Ela Boyd creates immersive installations that fragment and decentralize our understanding of space, time, and the self in reference to the subjective qualities of perception. Her installations have been on view at various spaces including the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego alongside the Pacific Standard Time exhibition Phenomenal. By choreographing the viewer’s experience, the installations involve the viewer in the space, reordering their understanding of common phenomena that are easily overlooked.

Juxtapoz Presents OTW.tv: Tait Roelofs Episode 1

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 15, 2012
As OffTheWall.tv's second artist series subject, Tait Roelofs is the known responsible for 30-foot heads, a million square feet of paint, "pouncing," and—huh? So is the world of billboard painter and life long skater, artist, musician, and probably voted Most Likely To Succeed in high school: Tait Roelofs.

Juxtapoz Presents OTW.tv: Dennis McNett Episode 9

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, February 14, 2012
In this final episode for Vans supported artist Dennis McNett, the Brooklyn artist has prepared for 4 months (and 8 total episodes) to create two life-size Viking ships, 10 diecut wood block pieces, a huge wave wall, and three memorial ships for his first big solo show in Chelsea. In this final episode below, Dennis and a cast of several hundred Vikings, weirdos, and even a few hipsters pull his Viking ship through the streets of New York.

Conor Harrington: "Black Herds Of The Rain" Video

Juxtapoz // Monday, February 13, 2012
London-based, Irish born Conor Harrington (cover of October 2008, n93) just released this new film today, Black Herds Of The Rain, the second film he has completed with Andrew Telling. The film follows Harrington on a trip back to Ireland in the summer of 2011, where Harrington, in his own words, painted "a series of cowboys as a metaphor for the politicians and bankers in Ireland that rode the country to near ruin."

David Choe Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Juxtapoz // Friday, February 10, 2012
You know you have made it big when Taiwan's Next Media Animation does a recap of your famous deeds in their signature style. David Choe, who made international headlines with news of his Facebook stock holdings becoming public, made the rounds of major NYC media outlets this past week, including Barbara Walters and Howard Stern, and NMA.tv created this animation recounting the week.


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