Abnormal Obsessions

Graffiti // Monday, February 25, 2013
Some people are addicted to cigarettes, others to sugar, shopping is a vice for many. These two (Utah and Ether) have a fixation with clean trains.

El Mac On Adobe Campus, Utah

Juxtapoz // Friday, February 08, 2013
"Rapt Studio commissioned artist El Mac to do a large-scale mural in the main atrium in Adobe’s Lehi, Utah building. The piece depicts a young girl drawing and represents the ideal that Adobe’s employees and those who use Adobe’s products approach creativity with the same childlike innocence."

Video: "24 Hours In Taipei"

Graffiti // Thursday, February 07, 2013
This video in conjunction with OinkArtLtd featuring Utah and Ether in Taipei, slipped passed us when it was released. It’s too good not to share and has a great soundtrack featuring Crystal Castles.

Naughty or Nice?

Graffiti // Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Utah and Ether side with the devil during this year’s holiday. You can see  the horned creature accompanying their letters with a child in his bag.

Utah x Berst (Serios) x Ether

Graffiti // Monday, December 03, 2012
Utah and Ether team up with Berst from New Zealand to beatify this old stonewall some bright colors and quality letters.

Halloween starts early for Utah and Ether

Graffiti // Thursday, October 25, 2012
The timing of the girl riding her bike by with something orange in her basket is perfect.  Black, white, orange, bats, and graffiti.

Utah X Ether

Graffiti // Monday, October 22, 2012
This summer, in our June printed issue; we interviewed the graffiti duo, Ether and Utah.  The two have been lost in Asia for sometime now and appear to be leaving a trail of color wherever they travel.

Rooftoppin on a mainstreet

Graffiti // Tuesday, October 02, 2012
This photograph gives a great perspective to Utah and Ether’s throwups on a roof, as they hover over a major street in Bangkok.

Utah & Ether

Graffiti // Thursday, September 27, 2012
Utah and ether still doing the dahm thing somewhere in the maze of Asia.

UTAH & ETHER In Hong Kong Video

Graffiti // Thursday, May 17, 2012
Oink Art Ltd just released another video documenting the globetrotting graffiti duo, Utah and Ether, who are featured in our current June 2012 #137 issue.  This time the couple are exploring the streets of Hong Kong and testing locals to see how much they can get away with.  Watch as they confuse random pedestrians, many stopping to watch and others telling them to stop.
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