Stitch Tomcat

Graffiti // Wednesday, October 14, 2015
At first glance we thought that said, “Snitch” instead of “Stitch.” That would be pretty weird for Tomcat to write in front of his own name. Straight letter game on point.

Tomcat truck in NYC

Graffiti // Tuesday, May 26, 2015
The traveling graffiti vandal, Tomcat, whose work is always legible and straightforward, got this box truck in NYC.

Tomcat x Large

Graffiti // Monday, December 01, 2014
Sometimes you see two writers get up together that you wouldn’t normally see and you think, “Hey, that makes sense!”

A No good son of a gun!!!

Graffiti // Friday, December 20, 2013
Tomcat threw his own personal party on top of this rooftop and doodled away.


Graffiti // Thursday, August 01, 2013
Urban dictionary describes a Tomcat as, “A male who is sexually active with more than one female” and in reference to a female, “A woman who is sexually knowledgeable and/or superior. Not necessarily promiscuous as sometimes said. She is an extremely satisfying performer in the bedroom and can act like quite the refined lady when out of it, if she so pleases.”


Graffiti // Thursday, November 29, 2012
Picking an alias that is unique and memorable to write all over other people’s property can be difficult. We think the name Tomcat was a good choice. It always seems to stand out.


Graffiti // Friday, June 29, 2012
If you can’t court enough attention with one tag your best bet is to cover the whole wall, even if you gotta pull the roller out, making sure the audience gets the point.  “Shoot to thrill?”  Yes please.  Great mural in the background as well.

Tomcat Tribe

Graffiti // Monday, January 30, 2012
Tomcat incorporates a charming Native American into his simple straight letters.

Tomcat Moniker

Graffiti // Monday, October 24, 2011
One of the coolest monikers we have seen in sometime.  Tomcat 19 from Copenhagen.

Black and White Tonight

Graffiti // Thursday, September 15, 2011
Tomcat in the Motor City with one of the cities hardest hitters Dont.

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