Tattoos by Justin Weatherholtz

Tattoo // Friday, October 19, 2012
'Justin Weatherholtz began tattooing in 1999 in Reading, PA under Joe Johns of Wizard World. He has traveled extensively around the U.S., participating in conventions and doing guest spots. Justin decided to relocate to NY to work at Kings Avenue Tattoo in September of 2007. With an interest in the many different styles of tattooing, Justin's portfolio clearly displays his diversity from American to Japanese and everything in between.'

Best Idea of the Day Tattoo

Tattoo // Thursday, October 18, 2012
I'm gonna go ahead and award this guy with the hairy legs and cargo pants for having the best idea for a tattoo that I've seen all day, or even all week! I mean, who doesn't love Bill Murray so much that they just want to shout it out via clean, simple lines on their outer knee?? I certainly do, or would. Awesome. Pure, creative genius.

Illustrated Tattoo Stories

Tattoo // Thursday, October 18, 2012
Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton run an amusing little site that revolves around illustrating other people's tattoos and the stories behind them. They are open to submissions if you are interested in getting your ink re-rendered and featured on PenandInk. An interesting, personal account of the descriptions of permanent marks and what they mean...

Gordon Combs Tattoo Flash

Tattoo // Thursday, October 18, 2012
Gordon Combs is a tattoo artist living and working in San Francisco, CA over at The Seventh Son. As a Bay Area native, he draws influence from American traditional designs but has an uncontrollable tendency for detail- that is apparent in this evil tattoo flash.

Where's Waldo Backpiece

Tattoo // Thursday, October 18, 2012
Where's Waldo?, is a series of children's books created by British illustrator Martin Handford. The books consist of a series of detailed double-page spread illustrations depicting dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location. Readers are challenged to find a character named Wally hidden in the group- as rendered in this painstakingly intricate tattoo. I can't say that I don't feel for the tattoo artist on this one. Ha.

Apple Dedication!

Tattoo // Thursday, October 18, 2012
Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs was an American entrepreneur. He is best known as the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Through Apple, he was widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution and for his influential career in the computer and consumer electronics fields. This tattoo is obviously a memorial of the man and his achievements- artist unknown but credit gladly given.

Blood Thirsty Tattoo Flash

Tattoo // Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Straight out of Transylvania (or Italy) comes some tattoo flash of those mythological, folkloric beings we love who subsist by feeding on the life essence of others. Appropriately, with Halloween approaching and everything, the talented Vincenzo Bellini put together some spooooky tattoo flash for you to feast your eyes on.

BBQ Knuckle Tat by Annie Frenzel

Tattoo // Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Nothing like wearing your love of barbeque loud and proud via sweet knuckle tattoo. Super clean lettering done by Annie Frenzel, who works at Lowbrow Tattoo in Berlin, Germany.

Demonhead by Nil Marques Coll

Tattoo // Tuesday, October 16, 2012
We are digging this killer demonhead by Nil Marques Coll. Coll can be found at Hollow Gallery Tattoo in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Painted Ladies by Diana Torres

Tattoo // Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Diana Torres' tattoos are characterized by their vibrant colors and exceptionally clean linework. Based in Bogota, Colombia, Torres began tattooing in 2007 and has been hooked ever since. She works out of Dr. Skull Tattoo in Bogota.


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