New Interesni Kazki Mural in St. Ottilien, Germany

Street Art // Thursday, October 11, 2012
The surreal and  dreamlike imagery created from the minds of Ukrainian art duo, Intersni Kazki, continuously holds our attention and remains among our favorite of contemporary artists working in the streets. Their newest project in St. Ottilien, Germany for the Heaven Meets Earth Festival further displays the artist’s range of imagination and contains a healthy selection of bizarre symbolism.

New Shida mural in Australia

Street Art // Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Australia-based street artist, Shida, gave this wall in Brisbane, Australia a new coat of creepy awesomeness. The artist painted an abstract creature with snake-looking heads coming out the top. Can I suggest a collaboration between Shida and Deuce 7? I believe that could be a winning formula.

"Lluvia Dorada" by Triangulo Dorado

Street Art // Wednesday, October 10, 2012
New mural by Argentina-based collective, Triangulo Dorado, painted in the city of Florida, Buenos Aires.

Los Murals Hablan Festival Underway

Street Art // Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Los Murals Hablan translated in English to The Talking Walls, is in full swing in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The mural festival started on October 4, 2012 and has brought international street artists Sego, Aryz, Jaz, Roa, Ever, Neuzz, and a hoard of local artists together to decorate local walls. Here are photos of some of the progress that has been made, finished photos to come.

"You Are Worth More Than Many Sparrows" by Ozmo

Street Art // Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Participating in the Urban Arena 2 event in Roma, Italy, Ozmo, recently completed this striking new mural. The piece entitled "You Are Worth More Than Many Sparrows" displays different levels of economic classes separated by levels, all underneath the Monopoly board game character, Rich Uncle Pennybags and bags of money. The words “In art we trust” hovers above as well, possibly commenting on arts relation or the importance of separation to money.

New OverUnder piece in New York

Street Art // Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Here is something visually abnormal from street artist, OverUnder, with this new mirroring piece that has roll down gates, howling wolves, and smiley-faced balloons.

"Memento Money" by Nychos

Street Art // Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Vienna’s anatomical dissection specialist, Nychos, sent over photos of his most recent mural painted on a monastery in St. Ottilien, Germany. This new piece shows money floating upwards from a corpse with lederhosen’s resting in a coffin. Nychos was in the Bavarian region for the Heaven Meets Earth Festival.

New mural by Sam in Buenos Aires

Street Art // Monday, October 08, 2012
Argentina-based artist, Sam, recently painted this monochromatic character constructed with a variety of geometric designs and patterns.

Dinosauria: Kyle William Harper x Michael Wale @ Bruce Lurie Gallery, LA

Juxtapoz // Monday, October 08, 2012
For the past 3 years Kyle William Harper and Michael Wale have traveled the world interacting with many ancient tribes and working on a large body collaboration of paintings based on the Legends, Myths, Folklore and the just plain psychology of human nature.

Graffiti Spotlight: Navy 8

Juxtapoz // Monday, October 08, 2012
Every Friday we feature someone old or new, traditional or unconventional, active or not, and so on. This week’s spotlight is on Navy 8.


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