Steve Scott Illustration

Illustration // Thursday, April 18, 2013
Steve Scott demonstrates a powerful usage of shape and line in his beautifully absorbing character designs. Designing the likes of LA Rockers, Harajuku Girls and Sushi Trains, Scott has a penchant for contemporary fashion and scenes of young urban life. Steve Scott is a London-based animation director and illustrator whose work reveals notable control over the nuances of palette, design and silhouette. His website is endlessly fun to look through and we highly recommend that you do.  

Works by Steve Scott

Illustration // Thursday, March 14, 2013
London-based animation director and illustrator Steve Scott is one talented dude. Scott has a knack for clean shapes and colorful compositions, tapping into some serious retro 1960s vibes while remaining distinctly modern and fresh. He is a pixel pusher and evidently passionate about psychedelia, Sci-Fi, smoking pipes and robot pin-ups.  

Steve Scott's Pin-ups

Erotica // Sunday, August 05, 2012
Illustrator Steve Scott may be most recognized for his commercial illustrations involving cute animals and cartoons, but deep inside his portfolio we came across these sultry pin-ups. Steve is based out of London and uses vibrant colors to give these sexy pin-ups a bold and playful look.  

Steve Scott for Led Zeppelin

Illustration // Friday, August 03, 2012
These gorgeously animated concert graphics were created for the Led Zeppelin re-union concert for the track Kashmir by Steve Scott, a London based animation director and illustrator. Setting these beautiful visuals to something as epic as the music of Zeppelin adds another level of sensory stimulation to both pieces.

Exos by Steve Scott

Illustration // Wednesday, July 18, 2012
'Exos' is a short video from animation director and illustrator Steve Scott, a highly talented creative based in London. 'This is was an animation I directed and designed as part of the Psst! Pass It On festival.' Steve states. With animation assistance from Geoff McDowall, Simon Goodchild and James Littlemore and music and audio by Philip Sheppard and Aaron Cupples. The video in it's entirety can be seen online...

Steve Scott Illustration

Illustration // Saturday, July 14, 2012
Steve Scott is a London based animation director & Illustrator with an incredibly rich, aesthetically pleasing portfolio of works. With plenty of engaging animation, amazing illustrations and a blog to dive right into, the work of Scott is witty, compelling, completely inspiring and diverse.  


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