REVOK x Shepard Fairey: Warm Fuzzy Story

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 18, 2008
We came across one of the greatest stories of artist camaraderie we’ve heard in a long time just now. While perusing our favorite artist blogs, we noticed that REVOK of The Seventh Letter (Juxtapoz #78) posted this truly inspiring story. Anyone who says the art world is full of shady folks, that graffiti artists are criminals, or that Shepard Fairey (Juxtapoz #82) has sold out…get a load of this: “In case you haven’t heard, yours truly is wrapped up in a bit of legal drama at the moment… I’ll refrain from the details but what I will say is that it is a ridiculous case and it is fucking expensive hassle!” writes REVOK. “Not only did these overzealous cops raid my pad at 6am, but they also thought it necessary to confiscate all of my shit; my computer, external hard drives, photos, art supplies -basically everything I use to make my living. “I’ve been doing whatever I can do in these hard times to scratch up the paper to pay my lawyer for the case… thankfully, my man SHEPARD FAIREY came through like the champ that he is and donated all of the proceeds from a run of his prints to my legal fund! This was a completely unexpected and very generous gesture! And has helped me out tremendously! Thanks Shep. –you’re the man.” Woah, this kind of shit almost makes our cold hearts melt a just little bit. Now check out this dope video below of REVOK painting this weekend at the Wintafresh Graffiti Art Expo in Tucson, Arizona (which is what we were initially looking for when we stumbled across the previously mentioned bit of generosity.) Enjoy the video, enjoy the fuzzy feeling you have in your heart right now, and above all, continue to support and enjoy artists that strive everyday to make our world a better, more interesting and beautiful place to live.

Shepard Fairey's Iconic Obama Image Makes Time Magazine

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 18, 2008
“Tomorrow my illustration for Time Magazine’s ‘Person of The Year’ hits the newsstands,” writes…do we even need to say his name? Yep, two of our favorite people, Obama and Fairey, have made it onto the cover of one of the most well-known publications in the world (although they are a bit behind us, as we got Fairey on our cover way back in 2007, but who's keeping tabs?) Overall, it’s a proud day, but Shepard openly shares his mixed feelings on the subject in a refreshingly honest and thoughtful post on his site: “While I’m very honored to be validated by a periodical that is nothing short of an American institution, the moment is bittersweet because I’m very disappointed by Obama’s appointment of Rick Warren to deliver his invocation during Obama’s inaugural address,” Fairey writes. “Rick Warren is against gay marriage and reproductive rights, and he does not believe in evolution (maybe he offers himself as proof of lack of evolution). […] I still think Obama is the best choice for president, but I can’t condone Warren’s involvement in Obama’s inauguration, no matter how insignificant it is. While I’m on the subject of gay marriage, I will be donating a chunk of the proceeds from an inauguration poster of Obama I was asked to create to the movement to overturn Prop 8.” Preach on, brotha. How many different ways can you say awesome?

David Choe Signing his "Choe Gal"

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 18, 2008
David Choe's (Juxtapoz cover #72) Choe Gal will be sold at GR2 in Los Angeles with a special treat: Mr Choe himself will be present to sign his limited edition wooden doll from 6-8pm! Raised on comic books, affected by street art, and inspired by crime, women, and music, Choe has developed a unique and restless style that is effortless yet meticulous and focused, and (or course) dirty. Choe Gal is his first wood figure: extremely detailed, totally hand painted, and featuring a head that rotates to expose three facial expressions. This piece is strictly limited to 1,000 pieces and a mere $45. Details at

David Choe x Burlesque Design: "Exodus From the Land of Play"

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 17, 2008
One of our all-time favorite artists and all-around crazy dudes, David Choe (Juxtapoz cover #72) will be releasing a new 18-coior screen print called Exodus From the Land of Play (shown below) printed by Burlesque Design (shown above with Choe) tomorrow, December 18th.  All these prints are one-of-a-kind, as Choe painted and drew on each and every one of them; luckily for him (but perhaps not so lucky for you) the prints are limited to an edition of 76. Lucky for all of us, Burlesque documented the whole process in the video below. Exodus From the Land of Play will be sold exclusively on the Burlesque Design Website starting tomorrow, 2pm Central Time. Here's how Mr. Choe himself describes his print, Exodus From the Land of Play: " the land of play, the skies rain fried cheese bread, there is non-stop fun and unlimited freedom, children are encouraged to commit acts of vandalism, fight, drink beer out of unicorn horns, smoke cigars that turn into Bubblicious, and gamble and never lose. “Nuns show you their shaved vaginas and preach, up all night, sleep all day, where everyone plays and never works, where a kid can be a kid, and also where a man can behave like a kid... “I won't tell you what happened, but everyone has to leave immediately, get the fuck out now! So our heroine and androgynous vamp, donning royal robes and Axl Rose gear, lead a parade of donkey-eared miscreants and n'er-do-wells armed with customized Super Soakers filled with gummy worm juice and milk from Cocoa Krispies..." Woah, sounds like our kind of place. More on David Choe at

Shepard Fairey & Caesar, Xiaoqing Ding, Adam Wallacavage, WK Interact

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be participating in Art Miami, from December 4-7th, with some very exciting exhibits at both Scope Art Fair and Aqua Art Fair in the Wynwood Art District. At Scope, a solo exhibition by Shepard Fairey promises to bring the crowds to booth 370, and at Aqua Ray Caesar, Xiaoqing Ding and Adam Wallacavage will grace Booth 7, while WK Interact will have Booth 8 all to himself. Learn a bit more on all participating artists right here…

Al Rockoff x Shepard Fairy: "Duality of Humanity 4"

Juxtapoz // Saturday, November 15, 2008
Shepard Fairey (Juxtapoz cover #82) will release the third collaborative project with legendary photographer Al Rockoff tomorrow, Monday November 17th. This print is entitled Duality of Humanity 4 and is, of course, part of the Duality of Humanity (DOH) Series, which examines the many and, at times, conflicting facets of the human psyche. This beauty is an edition of 450, selling for 50 bucks at

Barack Obama x Z-Trip x Shepard Fairey x Fresh Pressed

Juxtapoz // Monday, November 03, 2008
Hey, did you know there’s this little election thing going on tomorrow? Yeah, we’re voting on some important stuff, like the next President of our country.

Win Shepard Fairey's "E Pluribus Venom"

Juxtapoz // Friday, October 17, 2008
We love Shepard Fairey’s book, E Pluribus Venom, so much that we decided to give our special copy away to a lucky winner that signs up for our new newsletter! In case you’ve been living under a rock, Shep’s newest book recently dropped and is chock-full of his massive body of work, which was showcased at Jonathan Levine Gallery in the summer of 2007. The title, E Pluribus Venom, literally means, “Out of many, poison” and is derived from “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one) which also appears on all US currency. Shepard is drawing attention to the notion of a collective becoming one, and the overall loss of individual power and autonomy in favor of homogeny. Basically don’t become a sheep, folks. Following in that vein, don’t buy your copy of E Pluribus Venom- just win one for free and SIGN UP with Juxtapoz now! 

Upper Playground New York Opens with David Choe Mural

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, October 01, 2008
The day has finally arrived: Upper Playground just opened its newest retail space doors in New York’s new East Village at 437 East 9th Street. UP has collaborated with many NY icons from the art and fashion worlds, so it makes sense the Big Apple finally welcomed UP to the neighborhood. Today is the spot’s first full day open, after its debut yesterday, and along with all the dope new threads, one of the biggest attractions is definitely the massive permanent art installation shown below from fine artist and NYC resident David Choe (Juxtapoz cover #72.) Can't make it to the East Coast to check it out yourself? Don't worry, we got you covered. Peep more UPNYC and Choe installation photos here.

Photos: David Choe Paints UPNYC

Juxtapoz // Monday, September 22, 2008
David Choe (Juxtapoz cover #72) has been busily covering the walls of the upcoming new Upper Playground New York with some of his dope imagery, which will remain part of the future store


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