Serena Mitnik-Miller "S W I R L" @ Joshua Liner Gallery, NY

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 18, 2015
This Thursday, February 19th, Joshua Liner Gallery will be presenting S W I R L, an exhibition of new watercolor works on paper by San Francisco-based artist Serena Mitnik-Miller. With not much more than a faint pencil guide by the artist’s own hand, Mitnik-Miller’s use of pattern and repetition is a core element explored in the artist’s latest series. 

Serena Mitnik-Miller "Swirl" @ Park Life Gallery, SF

Juxtapoz // Monday, September 22, 2014
Serena Mitnik-Miller has a new body of work up at Park Life Gallery in SF's Mission District. The work, entitled SWIRL, features a series of watercolor on paper with abstract, free-flowing patterns and fluid shapes. After seeing her work at Mollusk and Joshua Liner in recent years, this is another great body of work that you should check. 

Serena Mitnik-Miller "INBETWEEN" @ Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, January 21, 2014
We are excited about this show because it features one of our favorite California artists at the moment. Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present INBETWEEN, an exhibition of watercolor paintings from the San Francisco-based artist Serena Mitnik-Miller. 

Southern Exposure's 11th Annual Monster Drawing Rally this Friday

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 23, 2011
San Francisco's Southern Exposure will be hosting their 11th Annual Monster Drawing Rally this Friday night (Feb 25th), with 130+ artists set to participate. As Southern Exposure explains it, "The evening will consist of four one-hour shifts that each feature approximately 30 artists drawing simultaneously." More information after the jump . . .

Thomas Campbell Yar-Ware at The General Store

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 30, 2010
Perhaps these are already sold out, but upon seeing this collection of Thomas Campbell Yar-Ware that is available at San Francisco's General Store (owned by featured Jux artist Serena-Mitnik Miller from our December issue), we wish we could say we had a T. Campbell teapot in our collection. Again, we can't say for certain if the pieces are still out there, but a cool concept and collection nonetheless. Full collection after the jump . . .

Never Heard Of Yah: Serena Mitnik-Miller Studio visit

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 15, 2010
On a cold and rainy day I rode the train to the beach to see Serena Mitnik-Miller.  Serena's studio rests behind her retail store, The General Store, in the Sunset District of San Francisco.  I've always admired people who can successfully operate a business and actively pursue their creative outlet.  Serena has a great feature in the most recent December 2010 of Juxtapoz.  This is what I saw.

Never Heard Of Yah: Waterproof Vampire

Juxtapoz // Sunday, November 28, 2010
Previously District 5, this blog will now be called Never Heard of Yah, a more appropriate and fitting title. Biking around San Francisco catching the last bit of warm weather I checked out Mollusk Surf Shop, Shooting Gallery, Frey Norris, Silverman Gallery, 111 Minna, and more.

Artist to Watch: Serena Mitnik-Miller

Juxtapoz // Sunday, November 28, 2010
*Every Sunday, will highlight an artist that we feel is currently on the cusp of a new level of critical and technical success. The artist we feature will not necessarily be unknown, nor will they be of a pre-established museum career. But they will be artists who have showcased progress in a new body of work that deserves continual examination. We will mostly look at the work itself and let the art speak. Today, we feature San Francisco-based painter and surf board maker, Serena Mitnik-Miller.

Our new December Juxtapoz cover is . . .

Juxtapoz // Friday, November 12, 2010
Sometimes, people call us to talk about our new issues a few days before we even see copies. In our humble attempt to be ahead of that curve, we just received copies of our December 2010 Juxtapoz, and now you can see it after the jump . . .

Mollusk Family Poster Show

Juxtapoz // Friday, November 21, 2008
Geoff McFetridge (Juxtapoz #95) Thomas Campbell, Jeff Canham, Kyle Field, Christopher Gentile, Rachel Kaye, Alex Kopps, John McCambridge, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Jef Scharf, and Todd St. John will all be subjects of a dope poster show coming up at San Francisco’s Mollusk Surf Shop Gallery. The Mollusk Family Poster Show opens Saturday December 6th 2008, from 7-10pm and will showcase a wealth of great posters. Duh. Well, not just any old posters, limited edition signed screen prints by some of the best artists around. Come check it out. Details at


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