Playing ball with Sawe...

Graffiti // Monday, February 09, 2015
A simple throw-up from Sawe turned into a just a little more than the rest.

Sawe in Barcelona

Graffiti // Sunday, January 11, 2015
Sawe’s fill-in on this piece reminds us of Matisse’s color palette and compositions during his Cut-Outs series. 

Sawe in 2010

Graffiti // Monday, December 22, 2014
A 2010 piece from Sawe in Barcelona, mixing real looking characters with a blob-like character into his piece

An update with Sawe

Graffiti // Saturday, November 29, 2014
Today we catch up on what Sawe has been up to in and around the streets of Barcelona and beyond.

video: BOOM ft. Snoop Dogg - animated by Sawe

Graffiti // Sunday, October 19, 2014
Sawe was enlisted to animate a video by the Spanish DJ duo, The Zombie Kids in a song that features Snoop Dog. Brilliant video with a hilarious concept. 

Sawe GFM

Graffiti // Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Great new piece from Barcelona-based graffiti writer, Sawe who incorporated a fun skateboarding character into funky his letters.

A slice of Sawe

Graffiti // Wednesday, July 02, 2014
I’ve met a few people in my life who had no interest in pizza and it wasn’t because of being lactose intolerant, they just sucked. How can you not love pizza? What’s the matter with these people? Sawe know what the deal is!

An update with Sawe

Graffiti // Tuesday, June 03, 2014
Today we check in on the Barcelona-based graffiti, Sawe, whose playfully entertaining and weirdly wacky sprays always comfort our eyeballs.

Sawe launches a website

Graffiti // Saturday, May 03, 2014
One of our favorite writers Sawe now has his own website. The site features not only Sawe's graffiti, but his murals and some cool animations as well. Great time killer for those boring days you're stuck in the office looking at the computer!

Sawe's "What? What?" animated GIF

Graffiti // Monday, April 14, 2014
Sawe always paints that fun-looking graffiti and an animated GIF adds a little extra bonus for everyone’s entertaining pleasure. Hilarious character accompanying this piece.
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