"Sam Falls with Hart of Gold and Oldd News: September Spring” @ The Kitchen, New York

Photography // Wednesday, September 09, 2015
“From Minimalism into Algorithm” is the title to the new series in which experimental photographer and sculptor, Sam Falls delves into performance. For his show that opens tonight, Septmeber 10th at The Kitchen, Falls has teamed up with dancers Hart of Gold (Jessie Gold and Elizabeth Hart) to create 24 paintings daily through a choreographed dance set to a soundtrack by Oldd News, a band led by Mr. Falls’ god-brother, Jamie Kanzler. 

Sam Falls Pixel Crunches EFG's Singing Bridges

Music // Monday, July 28, 2014
Sam Falls’ video for EFG’s “Singing Bridges” delivers masterfully deconstructed slices of sewn together Spaghetti Westerns while psych-rockers Imaad Wasif (vocals/guitar), Josh Garza (drums) and Tom Biller (bass) channel classics of their own: pristine echoes of Bowie, The Cure, Blue Cheer and Jesus & Mary Chain, all woven meticulously into the fuzzed-out track. For the world's dystopian love songs, the sounds of EFG, coupled with Falls’ manipulation of iconic, ‘deinterlaced’ analog films, does not disappoint. So adjust your speakers accordingly and watch the Technicolor trip to the badlands here.

Open Sesame (The Blue Floor Show) Curated by Tim Barber at Asia Song Society

Juxtapoz // Monday, July 18, 2011
A great show just opened up at the Asia Song Society in NYC, curated by Tim Barber: Open Sesame (The Blue Floor Show), featuring works by Andrew Kuo, Aurel Schmidt, Matt Keegan, Ryan McGinley, and Sam Falls. Heavyweights, to say the least.


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