Street Faces From Russia

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Based in Russia and often-altering existing structures into faces, Nomerz bring a wide range of expression to the street. We approve of giving inanimate public structures a personality. Watch the video after the jump...

Bang-Bang Handle by Nikita Kovalev

Juxtapoz // Monday, February 06, 2012
Russian designer Nikita Kovalev has created something that will make the entry to your home/apartment a more adventurous task: the bang-bang handle, a gun as door handle creation. Perhaps your parents won't like it, but we do.

Inside a Russian Rocket Plant by Lana Sator

Juxtapoz // Thursday, January 19, 2012
Access is a powerful tool, and these photos by Lana Sator inside a Russian rocket plant is an eerie, beautiful series. From what we gather in our research, she snuck into the rocket factory to snap these photos, which makes this even better in our book. These towers appear almost as if they are on the set of a really, really good Ridley Scott movie. The best part is that this is an active rocket factory...

Slogan by Andrei Monastyrski (1977)

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, January 10, 2012
We had never seen this work before from Russian artist, poet, writer, and theoretician, Andrei Monastyrski, but this banner, placed at a viewing point of the Statue of Liberty, reads “I do not complain about anything and i almost like it here, although i have never been here before and know nothing about this place."

Timelapse: A Russian Pipe Plant Gets Painted

Juxtapoz // Saturday, October 22, 2011
Some people like to show timelapse videos of beautiful murals, graffiti pieces, or paintings being made. We at Juxtapoz found this timelapse video of a pipe plant being painted in Russia to be very interesting, so much so we think you will like it, too.

Photography by Sonia and Mark Whitesnow

Juxtapoz // Friday, October 14, 2011
What we know is that husband-wife photography duo, Sonia and Mark Whitesnow, are based in Kirov, Russia. We know they create conceptual series using a very clean backdrop and mostly female models. And this image in particular was a striking stop-you-in-your-tracks moment this morning.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Vader by Dmitry Dyachkov

Juxtapoz // Sunday, October 09, 2011
We have seen this image pop up on the Internet a few times now, and we think it is just way too funny to not pass along. Dmitry Dyachkov created the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Vader, and its exactly as it sounds.

Illustrations by Moscow's Rodion Kitaev

Juxtapoz // Friday, September 16, 2011
Rodion Kitaev is an editorial illustrator living and working in Moscow, Russia. We like his style. Illustrations of this sort always seem to grab our attention, so we stopped and took time to appreciate some of Mr. Kitaev's work.

In Illustration: Faunesque and the Russian

Juxtapoz // Saturday, September 10, 2011
Philippe Constantinesco's 'Russian' illustration is a perfect example of realistic minimalism. After having completed his studies in Visual Communication in Strasbourg, he founded Zurich29 with Dorian Gourg (art directors studio, motion & static designers) and has been pursuiing his career in Paris since 2006.

In Street Art: Interesni Kazki in Slovakia

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, September 06, 2011
This Ukrainian duo has been devoting quality time and effort into each large-scale wall they have painted over the summer. This newest mural in Kosice, Slovakia exemplifies their attention to detail and is among one of our favorites yet.


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