Jux in Detroit: Journal Entry, Part 9

Juxtapoz // Monday, November 15, 2010
We continue our series of journal entries from Detroit, as Jason Jaworski recounts stories from the Juxtapoz and Power House Productions artist project that we held last month. In this latest entry, Jason recounts moments spent with RETNA, Richard Colman, and Saelee Oh . . .

Jux in Detroit: Journal Entry, Part 8

Juxtapoz // Saturday, November 13, 2010
We spoke with Jason Jaworski recently as he was reporting live on the Juxtapoz x Power House Productions artist project, and the topic of community and family came up as a major centerpiece to the entire experience in Detroit. It didn't fully resonate with us back in SF until we read Jaworski's journal entry that he posted last night . . .

Jux in Detroit: Journal Entry, Part 7

Juxtapoz // Thursday, November 11, 2010
Jason Jaworski continues his journals from Detroit, covering the Juxtapoz and Power House Productions project as it begins to wane down for the time being. This entry has a bit of a different tone, as a tragedy occured to one of our contributors as he was on assignment for us in Detroit. . .

Jux in Detroit: Journal Entry, Part 6

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Jason Jaworski continues his journal entires from Detroit, where he has been documenting the Juxtapoz x Power House Productions project on the ground as Swoon, RETNA, Richard Colman, Ben Wolf, Saelee Oh, and Monica Canilao paint, build, and re-imagine the community. This entry is interesting, as it . . .

Jux in Detroit: Journal Entry, Part 5

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, November 09, 2010
Our Jux in Detroit blog got added to with a new journal entry by Jason Jaworski and photographer Tod Seelie. Only this time, there is a little surprise when you click through to their blog . . .

Jux in Detroit: Journal Entry, Part 4

Juxtapoz // Monday, November 08, 2010
Really enjoyed this last journal entry from Jason Jaworski in Detroit. It gave a really nice explanation of how the neighborhood was set up, where the artists, such as Monica Canilao, Ben Wolf, and Saelee Oh were working. We like the stories of eating at the local Bangladeshi restaurant, driving the Power House Eurovan, and some of the day-in-the-life occurrences that are happening in Detroit right now.

More "Pattern Recognition" photos from Subliminal Projects Gallery

Juxtapoz // Sunday, November 07, 2010
We previewed a bit of Subliminal Projects' "Pattern Recognition" group show this past week, but our Jux blogger, Trina Calderon, went down to Subliminal and shot some of the work in the exhibition space. . .

"Pattern Recognition" at Subliminal Projects tomorrow night

Juxtapoz // Friday, November 05, 2010
Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles is having a strong group show opening tomorrow night, Pattern Recognition. Or better worded and explained, a "pattern recognition is also the ability to see order in a chaotic environment; the primary condition for life... particularly the idea that even in chaos, there are recognizable patterns."

Jux in Detroit: A journal entry from the Power House neighborhood

Juxtapoz // Thursday, November 04, 2010
Our Detroit correspondent, Jason Jaworski, out to chronicle the Juxtapoz x Power House Productions project happening as a result of our 15th Anniversary Benefit and Auction last year, just produced a journal entry of one of his days while on duty...

RETNA paints Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Juxtapoz // Monday, November 01, 2010
We just had RETNA with us in Detroit, and now he is off to Las Vegas to paint the parking garage of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Known Gallery reports that when the hotel opens on December 15th, this will be where your car sleeps.


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