Sleepy Cannons...

Graffiti // Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Named after the famed Italian sculpture, Donetello is known as the most intelligent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who also totes as bo staff and is Remio’s “R” on this animated wall.

Evil Pickle...

Graffiti // Thursday, June 20, 2013
Remio substituted a large evil pickle for his “O” on this throw-up and it’s pretty pissed off!

Lazy Dog!

Graffiti // Thursday, May 23, 2013
The evidence of some lazy buffing over a previous Remio throw-up only entices something new for yet another layer. That joint looks angry! Wait, I thought joints were chilllll.

Remio tie-dye T-shirt

Graffiti // Friday, March 29, 2013
  We are surprised tie-dye hasn’t made a stronger comeback with the cycle of fashion and its inevitable rehashing of all things of the past. This Remio shirt is something we could see ourselves living with and feeling good about. Hey Remio! Throw one over here our way why don’t you!

Opening: What Are You Doing To Participate @ The Dilettante, LA

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, December 12, 2012
This past weekend, the Juxtapoz sponsored What Are You Doing To Participate group zine / art show opened in Los Angeles. The show is curated and organized by Sam James Velde, Rich Jacobs and Adam Rossiter and features zines and prints spanning music, skateboarding and art culture from the 1980's til present. The show will be on display at The Dilettante through January 7, 2013. Today, we have the opening photos.

Video: Remio daytime Outlines

Graffiti // Monday, December 03, 2012
This new video by filmmaker, Colin Blackshear follows Remio around painting outlines in some abandoned lots during the day. There is something to be said about no sound in videos like these, definitely creates an interesting feel.

Soy Libre...

Graffiti // Saturday, November 10, 2012
One of our most favorite Remio pieces we have seen yet! Painted in Mexico City.

Always Run...Always Fun...

Graffiti // Thursday, August 30, 2012
Look out for the boys, they are right behind you!  Remio’s “R” leaves some dust and evidence at the scene for the boys in blue.

New Remio Mural in S.F.

Graffiti // Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Remio recently painted a mural consisting of a variety of themed characters for his “R” throwup. The alien “R” is a personal favorite. If you find yourself in San Francisco, walk down Market Street it won’t be hard to miss.


Graffiti // Monday, July 23, 2012
Great throwup and fun graffiti by Remio, with his “emio” on the run from the “R.”
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