Ever in Baltimore

Street Art // Wednesday, May 09, 2012
Open Walls Baltimore continues to host international artists to paint large-scale murals in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District.  Buenos-Aires based artist, Ever, painted this most recent mural using spray paint and brushes.

Low Bros @ Freie Internationale Tankstelle

Street Art // Wednesday, May 09, 2012
The multi-disciplinary artist duo working under the name, Low Bros, recently held an exhibition at the Freie Internationale Tankstelle in Germany.  The pair filled the inside and outside with their signature style work, leaving the place fully saturated in color.  The gallery contained works on wood and installation pieces, while the exterior of the building was paint in collaboration with artists Base 23 and Billy.

"A Lost" by Julien Berthier

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, May 09, 2012
This 2011 artwork by Julien Berthier utilizes a simple, clever gesture on a large scale. The French artist has a practice of diagrammatic drawings, sculpture, and outdoor, site-specific work. "A LOST", a bold intervention by Berthier, grabbed our attention with its blatant desecration of a corporate advertisement and use of sardonic humor.

New Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada Mural in Bahrain

Street Art // Tuesday, May 08, 2012
Barcelona-based muralist, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, recently painted this temporary portrait in part of the Alwan 338 Festival in Manama, Bahrain. The artist painted the face of a local Bahraini fisherman, one of a few hundred left, in part of his identity series. The mural was painted with non-permanent materials and after the first rain it had been completely whitewashed off the wall. See the video included to watch the process.

The Weird has a Drink

Street Art // Tuesday, May 08, 2012
The collaborative group going by the name, The Weird, got together to paint the following wall in Vienna.  Each artist painted a distinctly different character drinking at a long smokey bar, with plenty of entertaining details.  Artists who participated on this wall were Oren, Cone, Nychos, Frau Isa, Rookie, and Dxtr.

Social Benches by Jeppe Hein

Street Art // Tuesday, May 08, 2012
  Based on the traditional bench one would see in most parks or on the street, Social Benches is a project created by artist, Jeppe Hein, with the interest of social behavior in public spaces. With each bench modified in different aspects, the spaces become a catalyst for communication between users and passers-by, creating a social interaction in various ways.

R.I.P. Street Art and Captain America by Sever

Street Art // Monday, May 07, 2012
While a significant amount of graffiti writers currently take to the streets of Detroit with bombing and traditional productions, Sever stopped by dropping two different stand out pieces. The first mural is a jab at street art; Sever painting suited character icons of street art Kaws, Twist, Bansky, Futura, Shepard Fairey, and Os Gemeos carrying a coffin labeled street art.

"Brushcodile" by Liqen

Street Art // Monday, May 07, 2012
Last Month while in Oaxaca, Mexico, Liqen created this hybrid mural of a crocodile with a brush for a head.  Painted on a rusty metal wall, the detailed work and shading are gorgeously highlighted.

Escif Channels the Tlatelolco Massacre @ All City Canvas, Mexico City

Juxtapoz // Monday, May 07, 2012
There is no question that Valencia, Spain-based Escif has some of the most politically aware and intelligent street work being produced today. Each piece, even his simple sentences, have a backstory that pertains to the space and place in which he does the public work. This is case with his brilliant piece at All City Canvas in Mexico City, where Escif painted a huge mural on the side of the politically historic Chihuahua apartment building.

Phlegm's Cubed Canvas in the Woods

Juxtapoz // Monday, May 07, 2012
This concrete cube was oddly positioned in the depths of the woods, and fortunately for U.K.-based artist, Phlegm, the unique canvas worked perfectly for his crouching and falling characters.


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