Photos: Homegrown @Wind Up Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Photos from The Homegrown Show, a group show at Windup Gallery in Mesa, AZ that opened June 30th and runs through July 21st, 2007. More than 400 people came out to see and support the local artists on opening night

All My Friends Are Made Of Paper

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Wooster Collective has just released a new book from their Wooster on Paper project featuring the work (and essays by) the Danish artist Armsrock. Living in Germany for the last few years, Armsrock has developed a style of rough sketching the people around him, friends and strangers alike, to capture the motion of their everyday lives. Rather than compose a scene he lets the city compose for him with its chaotic dance of the day-to-day. The book, All My Friends Are Made of Paper, is a limited edition of 2000 with a hand-screenprinted soft cover and an introduction by Swoon. Scrape the change out of the couch cushions and treat yourself to some Armsrock stylings. Full details here, {moscomment}

Format Mag Site Relaunch

Juxtapoz // Monday, June 18, 2007
Format Mag has relaunched its site and revamped its operations. Retaining minimal design elements from the original site, has been redesigned to accommodate features, news, and navigation in an enhanced user friendly, sleek, colorful, new website. Format's focus will remain the same, continuing its efforts to expose the urban aesthetic to the world. Look out for new sections in the coming weeks. Format's redesign coincides with the release of Issue 18 featuring Jonathan Mannion, eBoy, Kinkyform, IHMDJ!, Codak, Bonde do Role, Steve Grody, and more. {moscomment}

The Seventh Day Project

Juxtapoz // Thursday, June 07, 2007
The June video for The Seventh Day Project is up on Known Gallery's website with artist Pose doing a new piece. The Seventh Letter Crew is getting ready for the "Letters First" art show next month in Barcelona, Spain, and they'll be posting news and info as they prepare for the tour. Also, they promise a new look for the website sometime this month, so stay tuned.,, and {moscomment}

New David Stoupakis Print

Juxtapoz // Monday, June 04, 2007
David Stoupakis has a new print available titled, "Flood". It's a limited-edition of 50, hand-signed and numbered by David on archival art paper. "Flood" is from the Sheep Will Follow series that showed at Corey Helford Gallery earlier this year. {moscomment}

purpose Magazine: Issue 5

Juxtapoz // Friday, June 01, 2007
Another issue of web-only French photography mag purpose is now online. This issue includes photographers Stephen Waddell, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Denis Darzacq, Eric Poitevin, Anthony Berthaud, Claire Cheurier, Constant Anee, Johanne Bouvier, and Diane Ducruet. {moscomment}

Epic Hockney Painting

Juxtapoz // Friday, May 25, 2007
Photo by Sang Tan "British artist David Hockney poses as he unveils his painting 'Bigger Trees Near Water', the largest painting ever shown at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, London, Friday, May 25, 2007. Bigger Trees Near Water, which is 40ft by 15ft, is made up of a grid of 50 small canvases and is the biggest painting ever made by the artist, who turns 70 this year..." —from the

Collect Raindrops by Nikki McClure

Juxtapoz // Thursday, May 24, 2007
Collect Raindrops by Nikki McClure celebrates the important things, the seemingly small things we cherish in life: the change of seasons, the first snow drop, a sun-crisped shirt, the feel of rain, the scent of pine, the sweetness of fruit right off the vine. Nikki's delicate, organic images convey an optimism and calm that reflect the joys and comforts of community, sustenance, and parenting. Punctuated by plain words, her work encourages one to slow down and savor a moment, a taste, a touch, a smell; to look up at the stars to dream; to find strength and happiness in the simple.

Streets 2k7

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Streets 2k7 is a public art project that coincided with the Raritan River Art Walk in New Brunswick, New Jersey on May 12-13, 2007. Albus Cavus, an active local art collective worked with the New Brunswick Arts Council on the Art Walk - a two mile long path located on the waterfront in New Brunswick. Local residents and artists transformed a neglected path of the city into an extraordinary outdoor gallery of public art. This project is part of a larger experiment in an innovative approach to the revitalization of neglected public space. They envision art to be the driving force in changing an abandoned bike path into a space that will become widely used by the community for social interaction and recreational purposes. Everyone was invited to participate in the event as artists, volunteers, or audience. In the end, more than 150 artists came together to paint the retaining wall along the waterfront bike path. More info: Photos: {moscomment}

Nick Daum's Dordles

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Nik Daum has manifested another collection of weird and funny illustrations. Dordles (not quite drawings/not quite doodles) are the spiritual successor to his famous office sketches (both collections are published books.) "Each mark of lacerating genius is thoughtfully recorded in the margins of advertising briefs, discarded printouts, or the company stationary. The turds are then scanned, colored, composed and polished on computer. Hopefully, this preserves the playfulness and stupidity of the drawings while giving a bit more depth." His website has a nicely organized list of his many creations, {moscomment}


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