Top 25 Banksy Pieces

Top List // Thursday, November 29, 2012
Love him, hate him, Banksy will always draw some sort of polarizing opinion. Most people will recognize that the man has wit that reaches the ends of the earth, while others think he is an overrated phenomenon that does not deserve the hype. Where do we stand? Well, simple; what other artist creates such a buzz, such a circus of excitement and debate every time they produce a new street piece or exhibition? Banksy creates EVENTS...  

The Burden Of Our Days by Javier Rocabado

Erotica // Thursday, June 14, 2012
'My artwork takes a critical view at current social, political and cultural issues. In my work, I engage subjects as diverse as Homosexuality, HIV/AIDS, Health Care, Military Veteran Issues, Infant Mortality, Racism and Capitalism. Although I use a variety of materials, my theme and methodology is consistent in each of the art pieces in this series. All the pieces are linked by recurring formal concerns and throughout the subject matter...'

The Work of Yue Minjun

Juxtapoz // Saturday, March 10, 2012
For a long time, we weren't quite sure if the subjects in Beijing, China based Yue Minjun's paintings were self-portraits or a personal character created. They are indeed self-portraits. We just read that Yue is often classified as part of the Chinese "Cynical Realist" movement in art developed in China since 1989. Yue rejects this label.

Dictator Cakes for Amnesty International

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, March 07, 2012
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International, Prague-based marketing team Euro RSCG created a campaign surrounding these "Dictator Cakes," cakes in the form of the busts of Cuba's Fidel Castro and Belarus' Alexander Lukashenko. Please take notice as to where the slice of cake has been removed . . .


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