Stephen Shore @ 303 Gallery, NY

Photography // Wednesday, September 03, 2014
03 Gallery is pleased to present its fifth exhibition of photographs by Stephen Shore, whose pioneering use of color photography in the 1970s and beyond has made him one of art history's most revered and exploratory practitioners of photographic possibilities. For this occasion, Shore will present two new bodies of work realized in zones of itinerant conflict.

Brett Henrikson’s “Chaotic Forms”

Photography // Wednesday, September 03, 2014
In his series “Chaotic Forms”, Providence, RI based photographer Brett Henrikson experiments with his medium of choice; wet plate collodion glass exposures. Henrikson’s centuries-old process includes covering pieces of glass with a light sensitive emulsion that he later exposes through his large format camera to create his detailed yet organically abstract images. 

Chris Sembrot's "Urban Surfers"

Photography // Tuesday, September 02, 2014
"Motivated by a beautiful woman and with the help of three close friends, I learned to surf so I could one day say, "I surf" says Philadelphia-based photographer Chris Sembrot when speaking on his project Urban Surfers. Shot entirely in natural light at 6:00 A.M, surfers are documented out of the water in the urban environment in a one-block radius from their home. 

The work of John Michael Fulton

Photography // Tuesday, September 02, 2014
The personal work of photographer John Michael Fulton is dynamic, with a swirling lock of hair or curving silhouette often completing his cinematic compositions. Fulton’s photographs show a keen awareness of the figure, a skill likely developed from his work in fashion photography. Fearless displays of rich color, the images pop with reds or blues.

Once Upon a Home

Photography // Tuesday, September 02, 2014
In his series “The House in the Woods,” Finnish photographer Kai Fagerstrom photographed a home that had been claimed completely by the forest and it’s elements. The images display the variety of wildlife that has made the building their stomping ground. Each photograph shows a place with obvious human roots, but with a sense of desertion that is overwhelming.

By the Silent Line

Photography // Monday, September 01, 2014
For the past four years, photographer Pierre Folk has been exploring the Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture (or "Little Belt Railway”), a 20 mile stretch of unused railroad located on the perimeter of Paris that in many places has surrendered itself to the elements. Folk’s haunting images display a landscape left behind with but still holds a presence where it was once used. 

"Historic Theaters" by Stephanie Klevens

Photography // Sunday, August 31, 2014
Armed with the beloved medium format camera the Hasselblad, Boston-based photographer Stefanie Klavens is on a decade long mission to document the historic movie palaces that are quickly becoming an endangered species. Celluloid Dreams is Kalvens attempt to preserve the memory of these historic buildings before they are forever gone. 

Chuck Patch

Photography // Saturday, August 30, 2014
Chuck Patch is in relative terms a ‘non-photographer.’ Since the 1970’s he has captured his surroundings for the thrill and love of the act of photographing, rather than for any particular interest in commercial success or a career within the field. It seems that Patch approaches his work (as it most definitely is, regardless of whether or not it is for financial gain) with a personal interest in engaging with audiences and his photographer peers alike.

Louis de Belle - Failed Dioramas

Photography // Friday, August 29, 2014
Since the 16th Century collectors, scientists and enthusiasts have displayed rarities and unusual objects in cabinets of curiosities for both public and private audiences for their collective enjoyment. However photographer Louis de Belle discovered in an untidy apartment in Milan the ‘forgotten’ items that had not yet made their way to their official home within the intended Wunderkammer (which translates as wonder chamber).

The work of Kent Andreasen

Photography // Thursday, August 28, 2014
Kent Andreasen (b. 1991) is a photographer from South Africa who is making noise in the worlds of art, fashion, and more. His images prove a unique visual perspective developed while growing up in Capetown; high contrast, with jet black shadows and hues that jump off the page. Andreasen studied cinematography at AFDA.


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