Fantasy Pre-Photoshop: The Photography of William H. Martin

Juxtapoz // Saturday, March 17, 2012
Trick photogrpahy, special effects, is so easy and common now that its hard to imagine a time before Photoshop. But we came across the "trick photography" of William H. Martin, a photographer working around 1908, who was one of America'sfirst fantasy aritsts, and created this incredible series of Tall Tale Postcards.

A Due Colori: Ink Underwater by Alberto Seveso

Juxtapoz // Thursday, March 15, 2012
There has definitely been a surgence of underwater photography, and even a few series of ink shot underwater. But Italian artist, Alberto Seveso (who created the Lego man surfing atop ink underwater series), has just posted this new series, A Due Colori, featuring these stunning captures of various ink colors interacting and interweaving with each other underwater.

Phillip Toledano: Bankrupt

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, March 13, 2012
This series reminds us of Up in the Air, only more depressing because Mr Clooney's snappy looks aren't on the screen. Starting in 2001, Phillip Toledano began to visit empty, abandoned office buildings and the things left behind. What he found was a rather depressing look at waste, the emptiness of the non-descript nature of commercial space, and lots of chairs.

The Death of Youth: Amanda

Erotica // Tuesday, March 13, 2012
'The "Death of Youth" series provided for me a medium through which I was able to capture mementos from my past. I was able to live out the fantasies of a younger version of myself through the creation of this project and found that much of this lifestyle was just that: fantasy.' Model: Amanda

In Erotica: The Legacy of Guy Bourdin

Juxtapoz // Saturday, March 10, 2012
French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin (b. 1928 - d. 1991) was one of the first fashion photographers to create a complex narrative and then capture the overpowering mood of a single moment, whether it was provocative, exotic, surrealistic, or even sinister. Influenced by his mentor Man Ray, surrealist painters Magritte and Balthaus, and filmmaker Luis Buñuel, Bourdin's work similarly continues to inspire photographers worldwide.

The Photography of Sofia Ajram

Juxtapoz // Friday, March 09, 2012
Based in Montréal, photographer Sofia Ajram brings life to a mystical world of wild youth, bloody ritual, and astral projections. The power of the cosmos pushes from within as constellations spill from the soul, climbing the walls and kissing the skin in a cloak of stars. Ajram's mysterious and magical photographs are a true source of inspiration, a reflection of humanity's inner potential as an active force in the universe.

The Photography of NATALIA Mantini

Erotica // Thursday, March 08, 2012
MEOW is Natalia Mantini aka Natalia Brutalia's photographic canvas. The Southern California beach-town native has a unique perspective on Los Angeles lifestyle, documenting her social scene, and capturing portraits of her girl friends with an even blend of grit and whimsy.

Porcelain Fighters Dropped, Photographed by Martin Klimas

Juxtapoz // Monday, March 05, 2012
We know, we know; high-speed photography is a craze at the moment. But we really appreciate what German artist Martin Klimas has done here. He has taken Porcelain Fighter sculptures, dropped them, and then captured their shattering moment. The end result is like a Mortal Kombat scene, where the victorious Porcelain Fighter is cleary evident.

Millions of Human Bodies, Beautiful Collages by Angelo Musco

Juxtapoz // Monday, March 05, 2012
Italian photographer Angelo Musco organizes many different photo shoots with nude subjects, arranges them in particular patterns and layouts, and then creates crazy detailed and massive collages featuring millions of nude subjects in ethereal, fluid clusters and ecosystems.

Thomas Campbell for NY Times: "Of Men and Mavericks" Set

Juxtapoz // Saturday, March 03, 2012
Thomas Campbell, on assignment with the New York Times Style Magazine, went to the set of the fillm "Of Men and Mavericks," Curtis Hanson's newest film due in Fall 2012. The biopic tells the story of Jay Moriarty, the surfer who put the infamous and monster Northern California surf spot, Mavericks, on the map. Campbell took some beautiful pictures on the set.


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