Ballpoint Pen Drawing by Samuel Silva

Juxtapoz // Thursday, August 23, 2012
Yes, that is right. This is a ballpoint pen drawing. Samuel Silva, the artist, used 8 different colors taking 30 hours to complete it. No other media. Simply 100 % ballpoint pen. Silva is Portugal-based attorney who does art as a "hobby." I don't think much more needs to be said. Just look at it.

B. Lopez's Pen & Ink Work

Illustration // Wednesday, August 08, 2012
B. Lopez is an artist and illustrator working out of Melbourne, Australia. His drawings are filled with intricate line work and sharp details that create striking illustrations that are a treat for the eyes.

Spiral Drawings with a Faber Castell Artist Pen

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, October 25, 2011
This is a pretty incredible drawing practice, posted by artist Chan Hwee Chong with a Faber Castell Artist Pen. There really isn't a ton of information on what is going on here, but what we do have is a video, and that will pretty much sort it out for you.


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