Street Art Exhibition and Walking Tour at Tate Modern

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Street art is really getting its due love this weekend, as the Tate Modern Museum in London is currently setting up the Street Art Walking Tour for the Street Art exhibition, opening May 23rd. In the first commission to use the building's iconic river façade, and the first major public museum display of street art in London, Tate Modern will show the work of six internationally acclaimed artists whose work is intricately linked to the urban environment: Blu from Italy; the artist collective Faile from New York; JR from Paris; Nunca and Os Gemeos, both from Sao Paulo, Brazil and Sixeart from Spain. Accompanying the museum display is the Street Art Walking Tour, an urban tour of site-specific art from a group of five Madrid-based street artists: 3TTMan, Spok, Nano 4814, El Tono and Nuria. In conjunction with this massive event, El Tono created this limited edition print with Tate Modern. All of the participating artists are virtual legends in their own respects, and we can’t wait to see what they have to offer London! Learn more at

Os Gemeos Paint Kelburn Castle

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, January 22, 2008
We've been fans of the twin brother Brazilian street art team Os Gemeos for some time, but this footage of the pair painting a castle in Gasgow, Scotland blew us away!

Clark Magazine's Artist Series

Juxtapoz // Monday, December 17, 2007
Via ekosystem's forums and Gabriel Clark Magazine has a new special edition series, with each issue curated by a single artist, the first being Tilt from Toulouse. He invited Os Gemeos, Der, Tober, Tank, Yone (a photographer from Japan),

Herbert Baglione @New Image Art

Juxtapoz // Friday, July 13, 2007
New Image Art in Los Angeles is proud to present Sao Paulo-based, Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione in his new exhibition titled The Wall. Baglione has been recognized for over ten years as part of Brazil's street artist movement along with Os Gemeos, Speto and Vitche whom have all had a large influence on street art here in the United States. Baglione's strong, distinctive style and complex themes visible in his illustrations, paintings, and street endeavors have earned international acclaim in the design and art world alike. For his solo show, titled "The Wall", at New Image Art, Baglione will test the audience to ponder the walls inside contemporary society and to think about their own internal walls that may lead to stagnation in life. "The Wall" is a continuation of Herbert's vision of his highly successful solo show "Vossia" at Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco in 2006. This show centered on Herbert's vision of man's consciousness, power and chaos. Herbert was a featured artist in "The Run Up", a film by Upper Playground and exhibited at Fifty24SF, Galerie de Pury & Luxembourg, Zurich, Q! Gallery in Glasgow, and the Von Der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal, Germany among others. More information about tonight's opening reception is on the gallery's website, Brooklyn-based artist Judith Supine will be showing in the Project Room. {moscomment}

The Graffiti Project: Done

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Oh yeah, the Graffiti Project, featuring the distinctive work of Brazillian street artists Os Gemeos, Nina Pandolfo, and Nunca at Kelburn Castle is done. It looks amazing. Kelburn is prominently located on the west coast of Scotland, 35 miles west of Glasgow, overlooking the sea. Parts of the building are in need of repair, but funds have been secured to begin an extensive restoration, which includes the removal of the external render, allowing the opportunity to use the present surface as a vast temporary canvas. There are loads of great photos (and some video) on the project's site, {moscomment}

The Graffiti Project: Week One

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Via Wooster Here's a time-lapse video of week one the Graffiti Project which is currently going down in an apparently non-stop rainy Scotland by Os Gemeos, Nina Pandolfo and Nunca. It's apparently Check out the website for more info. {moscomment}

The Graffiti Project and Os Gemeos

Juxtapoz // Friday, April 20, 2007
Via Wooster Collective The idea is simple and original: take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti, out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland. As from the 10th May 2007 this site will be your portal to the development of THE GRAFFITI PROJECT at Kelburn Castle in Scotland. With daily photo and diary updates from the artists, OS GEMEOS, NINA and NUNCA, we invite you to watch this monumental work develop over 30 days. Check It out at {moscomment}

Paul Chatem and Mike Maxwell

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Juxtapoz contributor and photographer Isaac McKay-Randozzi interviews artists Mike Maxwell and Paul Chatem. Talking points: Hot dogs, plumbing, hippies, Weird Al, art, painting, decaf coffee, Miss America, social anxiety, creeping sadness, murals, greeting cards, religion and other stuff.

Athens Street Art

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Via server pics Found an impressive Flickr set of street art in Athens, Greece by "server pics". More recent photos from the streets of Athens are in server pics' main photo directory, but haven't yet been added to the set. Featuring Os Gemeos, b., ZAP, MUTE, ZOE ZILLION, Norjin, Joad, Dagas, Qbrick's, Hit Crew, ARKAS, deadkid, Dreyk the Pirate, and several other anonymous artists. Link: {moscomment}


Juxtapoz // Monday, October 23, 2006
Recent work by Brazillian artist Nunca. Information online about Nunca is scarce, and we left our copy of Graffiti Brasil at home today, so we don't have a lot left to say, except apparently he lives in Sao Paulo and he's pals with Os Gemeos. Here's a train he painted. Click More... for detail shots. From Graffiti Brasil: "Nunca, meaning 'never' in Portugese, started painting in 1992 and is now one of the rising stars of Sao Paulo's graffiti scene. His latest work juxtaposes urban and native cultures by combining the geometric patterns and colours found in indigenous South American artwork with the linework of pichacao. The resulting portraits of indigenous South Americans serve as a reminder, he says, 'that people in Brazil are also descendants of indigenous South Americans, and not just African and European people'"..."Globalization is an underlying issue in his work. His indigenous characters sometimes sport a spoof brand name &emdash; 'Naique', which is the local pronunciation of Nike. In homage to indigenous South American cultures, he has even adopted carving techniques in his graffiti..."


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