Exclusive Feature on Claudio Ethos

Juxtapoz // Friday, July 17, 2009
When contemplating the significance of Claudio Ethos' artwork within the current population of "Grafiteiros" in Brazil, the sheer scale and diversity of the southern hemisphere's largest megalopolis must be carefully examined. São Paulo, now considered by many to be the center of the global urban and street art movement, is an incredibly complex example of 21st century city sprawl. Counting Ethos as merely 1, it is the third largest metropolitan region in the world, with an estimated population of 21.5m with some sources have speculated that São Paulo is to reach nearly 25m by 2020.

Os Gemeos Join Blogging World

Juxtapoz // Thursday, July 09, 2009
Brazil’s favorite twins, Os Gemeos (Juxtapoz #102) have finally joined the world of blogging. 

Brazil's Os G

Juxtapoz // Thursday, April 02, 2009
Brazilian twins, Os Gêmeos (Juxtapoz #56) are simply groundbreaking street and fine artists. The fellow genius of New York City’s Handselecta (Juxtapoz #85) recently caught their handstyles on camera for a thoroughly engaging film. Actually, “magic hands” was the description that first came our editor, Evan Pricco’s mind after watching these films.   Graf styles are as diverse as the places their writers come from, but one thing is for sure: embracing varying handstyles across countries makes for magic. 

New Image Art Celebrates 15 Years this Weekend

Juxtapoz // Thursday, January 22, 2009
New Image Art will be celebrating a whopping 15 years of discovering and exhibiting some of the most talented names in the contemporary art game with a party and exhibition this Saturday, January 24th, 2009. 15 years doing anything is hard enough, but maintaining a position as a stalwart in the art community is no easy feat. Many of the artists that have shown at New Image over the past 15 years are contributing pieces to the show, including Barry McGee, Ed Templeton, Clare Rojas, Judith Supine, Shepard Fairey, Geoff McFetridge, Date Farmers, Os Gemeos, Neck Face, Anthony Lister, Cody Hudson and many more. As if that weren’t enough, No Age and DJ Alf Alpha will also be performing at the celebratory party on Saturday. Upper Playground is adding to the festivities by producing this special edition t-shirt to memorialize the event. Only 100 t-shirts were made and they can only be purchased at the New Image Art Gallery 15th Anniversary Party.    Get ready to party til the breaka breaka because this is gonna be one crackin’ event. Get there early, snag a limited UP New Image tee, and take in some truly epic art. Details at www.newimageartgallery.com

New Image Art Celebrates 15 Years

Juxtapoz // Monday, January 05, 2009
New Image Art will be celebrating 15 years of exhibiting some of the best contemporary art the world has to offer by exhibiting more art by some of the best contemporary artists working today. Good idea, huh? Opening Saturday, January 24th, 2009 New Image will showcae an exhibit offering works by such seminal artists: Ed Templeton, Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Deanna Templeton, Judith Supine, Shepard Fairey, Cleon Peterson, Jim Houser, Matt Leines, Swoon, faie, David Ellis, Neckface, AIKO, The Date Farmers, Anthony Lister, Os Gemeos, Jeff Soto, Kime Buzzelli, Geoff Mcfetridge, and more. If you can get a more rock solid grouping, we’d like to know because this exhibit is pretty close to diamond status. More at newimageartgallery.com

Basco Getting Up on City Streets

Juxtapoz // Monday, November 10, 2008
Watch Chilean artist Basco work his magic getting his uncomplicated albeit unique imagery up on city streets. Since a young boy, Basco has been creating some of the finest street and fine art in South America. “I paint on the street, at least ones a week I go out and paint. It doesn’t matter if I’m sad or broke; I just go out and paint and I have been doing this for ten years now, never knowing why I feel this necessity to go out and paint,” Basco writes on his blog. “Art doesn’t have much to do with common people, people like me. And I say this because every time I go to a museum or gallery, I feel out of place and my friends feel the same. The whole art system is out of touch with reality,” he continues. “That’s why I paint on the streets. I can get lost in isolation and at the same time I can relate to those that belong to where I belong.” See what we’re talking about in the video above and then grab his recent book, Dónde Esta mi Corazón, which is chock-full of photos, collages, drawings and murals, with guest appearances from Herbert Baglione, Agotok, Os Gemeos, Paloma, Nunca, Vitche and more. Learn more on Basco at www.basco-vazko.blogspot.com

Basco Vazko: "Largo dia Jueves" / "Donde Esta Mi Coraz

Juxtapoz // Friday, July 11, 2008
Largo dia Jueves, new work by Chilean artist Basco Vazko, will open at FIFTY24SF Gallery on Thursday, August 7th alongside Linear Abandon, a group show featuring Jesse Reno, Keith Shore, and Marco Zamora. Vazko's unique style has captured the attention of art enthusiasts around the world since he started adorning public spaces with some of the finest and most unique graffiti, street and fine art in South America since the tender age of 14. Today, the artist lives and works in Santiago, Chile and visits the US about once a year. Expounding upon his wealth of creativity, Basco Vazko has just released a new book Donde Esta Mi Corazón? highlighting many well-known and emerging South American artists. The 96-page hardcover book is a collection of collages, drawings and murals featuring a few of Basco Vazko's favorite artists including Vitche, Os Gemeos, Herbert Baglione and many others.  Donde Esta Mi Corazón? will be available for sale at the opening reception and Basco Vazko will be signing copies. Online orders can be made at upperplaygroundstore.com

Os Gemeos' "Too Far Too Close"

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, July 02, 2008
The powerhouse Brazilian twins known as Os Gemeos recently opened their most recent show at New York’s Deitch Projects, bringing a splash of color and massive installation pieces to the Big Apple. Too Far Too Close remains on view thru August 9th, showcasing a surreal city landscape reminiscent of their hometown, São Paulo. The good people of The World’s Best Ever passed along some great photos of the twins’ work. Check out more here.

"Donde Esta Mi Coraz

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Chilean-born street and fine artist Basco just released a new book titled Donde Esta Mi Corazón? The 96-page hardcover book is a collection of collages, drawings, and murals with guest appearances from legendary artists Herbert Baglione, Agotok, Os Gemeos, Paloma, Nunca, Vitche, and others. In Donde Esta Mi Corazón? Basco captures the heart of the most up–and–coming, relevant artists living in South America today. Considering some of the hottest emerging artists hail from South America, we’d say this book is a must-buy. Watch the video below featuring artwork included in Donde Esta Mi Corazón? and grab your copy at upperplaygroundstore.com    

Os Gemeos are "Far Too Close"

Juxtapoz // Friday, June 20, 2008
Our favorite Brazilian twins, Os Gemeos, will exhibit new works in an exhibit at Deitch Projects called Far Too Close. Opening Saturday, June 28th, Far Too Close will transform the gallery into a fantastical cityscape with house, doors, and passageways, all brought to life in their signature style of imagery. Building upon a group of artworks created for the Museum Het Domein in the Netherlands, this show features new paintings, sculpture, and installation, bringing all magical moments of their work together in one tightly knit dream world. More info on Far Too Close at www.deitch.com


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