Shepard Fairey Wheatpastes San Francisco

Juxtapoz // Thursday, September 11, 2008
Shepard Fairey (Juxtapoz cover #82) the one-man art movement behind the nearly 20 year OBEY/Giant street art campaign and the equally ubiquitous Obama "Hope/Progress" posters, is currently in San Francisco in preparation for his solo show, Duality of Humanity, at White Walls and The Shooting Gallery, opening this Saturday, September 13th. In true Shepard form, this street maverick did what he knows best: got up on the streets. Watch him work his magic in this dope video, and uuh… pardon the SF homeless- they’re friendly (usually!) 

Shepard Fairey: Busted in Denver

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, September 02, 2008
We love how Shepard still keeps it real. Check out this great video from imeem of Shepard Fairy chatting about getting busted in Denver last week. Famous? Yes. Still down with the streets? Same answer.  

Shepard Fairey Talks at Manifest Hope Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, August 26, 2008
In celebration of the Democratic National Convention, The Manifest Hope Gallery in Denver is now open, and internationally known artist Shepard Fairey (Juxtapoz cover #82) took a minute to explain his work included in the Gallery. Upper Playground along with partners Shepard Fairey,, and Evolutionary Media Group have partnered to showcase both established and emerging artists and present the most widely recognized pieces seen throughout the 2008 presidential primary campaign, as well as newly commissioned works and previous works on loan from some of the United States’ top artists. Housed within the Andenken Gallery (2990 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80205) and an additional adjacent warehouse, the gallery is open now through Thursday, August 28, 2008 from 10am–5pm daily.

Shepard Fairey at White Walls & Shooting Gallery

Juxtapoz // Friday, August 22, 2008
Yes yes ya’ll, the day you’ve been waiting for is almost here: the opening of Duality of Humanity by Shepard Fairey (Juxtapoz cover #82) Fairey, the one-man art movement behind the nearly 20 year OBEY/Giant street art campaign and the equally ubiquitous Obama "Hope/Progress" posters, will be having a highly anticipated one-man show of new and recent original works at White Walls and The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, opening September 13th, 2008. This is definitely going to be one of those shows that goes down in history, so make sure to get all info and see four preview pieces right over here…

Shepard Fairey Designs for Rock the Vote

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, August 19, 2008
100 exclusive framed prints created, signed, and numbered by Shepard Fairey will be available tomorrow, August 20th, at 11am PDT. A series of tees will also accompany this new release. The limited edition art was designed by Shepard Fairey exclusively for Rock the Vote in an effort to rally and encourage young people to show their support this election season. CafePress, the user-generated political t-shirt and gift company, and Rock the Vote have come together to make Shepard Fairey Rock the Vote merchandise available online in their shop. All proceeds from the sale of this art will go directly to Rock the Vote to support voter registration and get out the vote efforts. "I wanted to make art for Rock the Vote because I feel that many young people need to be reminded that voting is a direct and powerful way to express their opinions and shape policy," Fairey said. "Rock the Vote reaches out to younger voters who often have progressive views, but fail to turn up at the polls. I wanted to do anything I could to help Rock the Vote encourage a powerful group of potential voters to participate in democracy." Word, Shepard. Word.

Public Enemy Print: Obey x Glen E Friedman

Juxtapoz // Friday, August 01, 2008
Shepard Fairey and legendary photographer Glen E Friedman got together with Public Enemy to create this seriously ill print, reflecting the look and culture of early hip-hop with a uniquely Shepard-eque look. “Public Enemy is my favorite, and in my opinion, the most important hip-hop group of all time,” writes Shepard Fairey on his website. “I am incredibly honored to be able to bring Public Enemy, Glen E Friedman, and Obey together for this collaboration. The print is signed by me, Chuck D, and Glen E Friedman.” Shepard’s Public Enemy print drops the first week of August. Keep a look out on for details and make sure to take a peek at Obey Clothing’s corresponding Public Enemy clothing collection while you’re there!

Obey x Public Enemy x Glen E Friedman x Clothing

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Shepard Fairey and Public Enemy fans rejoice: Obey Clothing has dropped a new collection featuring the iconographic rap group depicted in Fairey’s signature style. “Public Enemy is my favorite, and in my opinion, the most important hip-hop group of all time,” writes Shepard Fairey on his website, where he introduces the new clothing collaboration between Public Enemy, Glen E Friedman, and Obey. “The Obey Clothing collection is designed to reflect the image and style of early Public Enemy and Hip-Hop.” A print, signed by Fairey, Chuck D, and Glen E Friedman, is also set to drop the first week of August. Stay tuned for details on that. But in the meantime, cop some new fits at

Photos: "Got Next" Ray Noland with Shepard Fairey

Juxtapoz // Monday, July 28, 2008
An entire collection of Obama-inspired artwork? Yep, that’s exactly what San Francisco’s Hotel des Arts now features in an exhibit titled Got Next, art and installation work inspired by presidential hopeful Barak Obama, by Ray Noland with Shepard Fairey. Posters, prints, photographs, murals, and mixed media on canvas litter the downtown hotel, turning the space into a virtual campaign headquarters, of art! Take a peek at more photos here…

Aesop Rock adidas Originals sneaker from Upper Playground

Juxtapoz // Monday, July 28, 2008
This Thursday, July 31st, marks the release of the new Aesop Rock adidas Originals sneaker from Upper Playground. The Stan Smith shoe is the third release in the four-part series that also includes designs from fine artists Herbert Baglione, David Choe, and Sam Flores. Aesop Rock is an American hip-hop artist from New York that is known for his storytelling style of rap. He has collaborated with established entities such as Nike and painter Jeremy Fish on various projects, and he is excited to introduce his first sneaker design with Upper Playground. Aesop Rock explains the design concept behind his Stan Smith sneaker: “The faded green and gold colors have a strange eerie-meets-regal vibe that I liked when designing the art for last year's None Shall Pass album. I wanted to continue that color scheme, and keep it pretty simple. I didn’t want anything too intrusive. Basically I just wanted something that I’d rock, and my mother might even wear them.” There are only 500 pairs available of this sneaker worldwide. Sizes range from men's size 4 to 13.5. To get your hands on the Aesop Rock adidas Originals sneaker, visit or head to an Upper Playground retail store. The sneaker will go on sale online at 8 am PT on Thursday, July 31st. Aesop Rock is currently touring throughout the U.S. to promote his critically acclaimed album None Shall Pass. For tour dates and other information on Aesop Rock, please visit: See the sweet video below and more shots of Aesop Rock’s design here…

David Choe x adidas Originals: Now Available

Juxtapoz // Thursday, July 24, 2008
Upper Playground released the new and highly anticipated limited edition David Choe adidas Originals sneaker today. The Stan Smith shoe is the second release in the four-part series that also includes designs from Aesop Rock and Sam Flores. “I wanted to convey a mixture of serial killers, ninjas, nightmares, and Ice-T lyrics,” Choe explained about his new sneaker. There are only 500 pairs of the Choe sneaker available worldwide, and sizes range from men's size 4 to 13.5. To pick up your fresh pair of David Choe kicks, visit or head to a UP retail store and try to make your way through the masses of sneaker heads trying to get their dirty hands on these Stan Smiths.


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