Portraits of North Korean Women

Photography // Tuesday, October 13, 2015
"Beauty is everywhere, and it’s not a matter of cosmetics, money, race or social status, but more about being yourself," writes Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc, currently traveling the world to capture images of women internationally. Recently she traveled to North Korea to document women, in a rare opportunity for media coverage of the population. 

Chicago MoCP's Exhibit, "North Korean Perspectives"

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography is currently displaying photographs from North Korea in an exhibition that contrasts the country’s official representations with uncommissioned media from photojournalists and artists. The show offers rare views of the country from international photojournalists but because emerging media is so tightly controlled, the contrast itself is perhaps the most illustrative aspect of the show.

David Guttenfelder: Instagrams From North Korea

Photography // Friday, December 20, 2013
David Guttenfelder, an Associated Press photographer, was recently awarded TIME's Instagram Photographer of the Year 2013 for this shots in the DPRK. The secretive, mysterious country has surprisingly loosened its censorship laws regarding foreigners and 3G capable cell phones. "In a country known for its censorship, I'm now uploading photos to Instagram from the streets of North Korea like I would anywhere else in the world. Through social media, I'm trying to piece together a picture of this country for the outside world..."

China Re-imagined by North Korean Propaganda Artists

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Presented earlier this month at Beijing Design Week, The Beautiful Future, is a series of paintings made in Pyongyang, North Korea by a handful of propaganda artists. Commissioned by a pair of Beijing ex-pats who run a North Korean tour guide company, the paintings show contemporary China as it could have been, if it had continued with Maoist ideology. "North Korean artists are the best people at delivering a message without slogans." 

North Korea Documented by Class Touriste

Juxtapoz // Saturday, August 03, 2013
A beautiful set of photos from North Korea and photographer David De Vleeschauwer for Classe Touriste. We aren't sure how cool it is to promote the sensational visuals of a completely totalitarian government, but beautiful travel photography is just that, and the photographer her capture a very interesting, well-orchestrated oppressive society...

The Monstrous Portraits by Korea's Spunky Zoe

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Korean artist Spunky Zoe (Seungyea Park) creates her surreal large-scale portraits using only ball point pen and acrylic paint. Her works are based on her theory of psychological duality, where two monsters - one that lives inside her and one that lives outside - are constantly at odds with one another. 'My paintings are like battlefields in which these monsters are struggling.'

JR Instagrams in North Korea

Juxtapoz // Thursday, April 26, 2012
A few things of note here. One, it is always impressive to follow a real photographer's Instagram. Two, it is always interesting to follow a professional photographer's Instagram when they are in a very foreign environment. JR, the famed French social activist, Public Artist, and photographer (plus cover of the May 2012 Issue of Juxtapoz) has been Instragramming straight from North Korea, with some incredible photos of everyday life and various cultural sites. And of course, beautifully composed.

Mass Gymnastics and Human Paintings in North Korea

Juxtapoz // Monday, October 24, 2011
We have seen some videos and heard about the Mass Games in North Korea and the incredible synchronized art routines that occur with thousands of people in the grandstands, but this massive wave of human billboard art is one of the more impressive things we have seen this year. But...


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