Mike Shine: "Flotsam's Harvest", Act 4...

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 27, 2013
On March 16th, 2013, Mike Shine (cover artist of the March 2013 issue) will open Flotsam's Harvest at White Walls in San Francisco. As we have been showing you on the site over the past month, Shine has been dropping hints and riddles from Dr Flotsam, the mysterious character that has given Shine the gift of knowing and presenting the riddle of the Harvest. Today, we look at Act 4.

Mike Shine: "Flotsam's Harvest", Act 3...

Juxtapoz // Friday, February 22, 2013
Mike Shine has onced again passed us along a message from Dr Flotsam, annother riddle and proverb that we assume will come together for his Flotsam's Harvest exhibition in San Francisco on March 16. It reads, Thou need not worry of frost not weed, if thou does not first protect thy seed. Does that clear it up for you?

Mike Shine: "Flotsam's Harvest", Act 2... More Riddles

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Our 2013 March cover artist Mike Shine keeps sending us messages from the Flotsam exhibition, and today we are given another proverb that leads us up to the Flotsam's Harvest exhibition this March 16. Now, we have messages about Stanley Kubrick, the 3 Metamorphoses, and planting seeds. You confused yet? Don't be. This all leads . . . to . . .

Mike Shine: "Flotsam's Harvest", Act 2

Juxtapoz // Friday, February 15, 2013
Mike Shine's Flotsam's Harvest is slowly building itself with different messages and riddles, all leading up to a mysterious opening at 941 Geary in San Francisco on March 16, 2013. Shine explained the exhibition, well, Dr Flotsam explained the exhibition as part of our March 2013 cover story, which you can buy now. Flotsam reminded us today, in a bizarre little poem, that Act 2 is upon us...

A New Message from Dr. Flotsam ahead of "Flotsam's Harvest"

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, February 13, 2013
As Mike Shine's March 2013 cover has hit newsstands this week, it seems like his partner in crime, Dr. Flotsam, likes what he sees. He just sent us another riddle/message/prophecy this afternoon, and as Flotsam's Harvest keeps up with Act 1, we show you what we got in a mysterious message today.

Issue Preview: March 2013 w/ Mike Shine, Curtis Kulig, Victor Castillo, and Pat Perry

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, February 12, 2013
As the March 2013 issue hits newsstands this week, we are very pleased to give you an inside look at the features and content in the magazine this month. Not only do we get brought into the riddle-filled world of Mike Shine and his new Flotsam's Harvest exhibition opening in SF this March, we catch up with Curtis Kulig, Pat Perry, Peter Sutherland, Victor Castillo, Caitlin Hackett, Mary Iverson, Hamburger Eyes, Jean-Pierre Roy, and Daehyun Kim.

Mike Shine "Flotsam's Harvest," Chapter 1

Juxtapoz // Monday, February 11, 2013
As we have already shown you on the site in recent weeks, Mike Shine is the cover of our March 2013 issue. For the interview, though, there was a tiny problem. Mike didn't show up. Instead, we were left with the infamous Dr Flotsam, and as part of the Shine exhibition, Flotsam's Harvest, Shine and team are releasing chapters of a companion book for the show. Here is chapter 1...

Juxtapoz Presents: Mike Shine and the making of the March 2013 Cover

Juxtapoz // Monday, February 04, 2013
Today, Juxtapoz is proud to announce our March 2013 cover with a special image created by Mike Shine with help from students at Independence High School in San Francisco. Juxtapoz headed down to the high school to watch the process of the stenciled cover, and today we have a behind the scenes video showing the making of the cover. Stay tuned for a full issue preview later this week...

Forsythe x Mike Shine... "Flotsam's Harvest" Is Upon Us...

Juxtapoz // Friday, February 01, 2013
We are preparing you for the end of days. Well, okay that is harsh, and a little melodramatic considering this is all for fun and games. Mike Shine, the man who has transformed the Outside Lands Music & Art Festival into a performance art piece, will be opening Flotsam's Harvest at 941 Geary on March 16, 2013. Each week leading up to the show, Flotsam will be taking over the Internet, producing chapters, poems, riddles, all leading up to the Harvest.

Evening at the Shine Shack: Mike Shine x Forsythe

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Mike Shine wants to be the first to say Happy Halloween to you on this glorious October 31, 2012. So we take a trip out to the Shine Shack to watch a man in a werewolf mask teach us all how to dance to a full moon. Art by Mike Shine, editing by Cooper Shine, dancing by Forsythe. Enjoy.
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