October 2010 Edition of Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz // Sunday, September 19, 2010
To honor the entry of Fall, we have one of the most prolific and active artists going today, Greg "Craola" Simkins on the cover of the magazine for October 2010 issue. The new edition also features more prolific artists making waves in today's art world.

First Look at Juxtapoz October 2010 Cover with Craola

Juxtapoz // Sunday, September 12, 2010
October is just around the corner and with it our newest issue featuring Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. Craola has a rare, refined talent to see the world, reinterpret it in a magical and meaningful manner.

Dabs Myla x Kofie One Up in Melbourne

Juxtapoz // Saturday, April 24, 2010
Dabs Myla ran into Kofie One while over in Melbourne this past week, naturally, they all went out and got up to some mischief.

Kofie Interview on Walrus TV

Juxtapoz // Monday, October 05, 2009
“True graffiti art’s my formula and foundation, but that’s not all what I’m about,” states Kofie in the latest video release from The Run Up on Walrus TV. “It’s really difficult for me, but I need to not be pigeonholed into one format of art. My environment creates my style.”

Kofie One x GelaSkins

Juxtapoz // Sunday, July 26, 2009
Loosely inspired by childhood memories of hand-held construction toys such as Legos and wooden blocks, Kofie's work reflects moods, which are cubist, abstract, architectural all in one. As a self-taught multi-medium artist, he has been producing various works in his hometown of Los Angeles for over 15 years both individually and with select creative peers.

Vintage Futurism: Q & A with Kofie by Greg Escalante and Nathan Spoor

Juxtapoz // Thursday, April 16, 2009
Kofie One (Juxtapoz #73) has put together possibly his most ambitious collection of works to date: Vintage Futurism, held last month at the infamous 01 Gallery in Downtown LA. This new body of work features the latest evolution of this died-in-the-wool aesthete, a true Los Angeles native unafraid of staying relevant though his continued progression. Join us for a more in depth look at Kofie and his dynamic works.

Citrus Report #13 Features Kofie and Lady Pink

Juxtapoz // Monday, March 02, 2009
The newest issue of The Citrus Report is now up, featuring interviews with Kofie One and Lady Pink, plus a Citrus Classic with Dave Carnie. Yep, it's lucky number 13 for The Citrus. Lady Pink (Juxtapoz #92) has been painting the streets of NYC for almost 30 years and has solidified her spot as a true O.G. in the world of graff. Conversely, Kofie was born and raised in LA. Tenaciously working at stores like Crate & Barrel to afford living, while taking art classes and developing his distinctive creative voice, it seems as if the hard work has paid off, as Kofie has a landmark upcoming solo show at 01 Gallery in LA. Learn more on these two seminal creators and hit up The Citrus Report stat.

Afrika Bambaataa by Theo Jemison x Kofie One

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, November 12, 2008
In honor of Afrika Bambaataa, the “Godfather of hip hop” as well as the official birthday of hip hop and the anniversary of the Zulu Nation, photographer Theo Jemison is releasing this portrait of Bam, which has been remixed by graf artist Kofie One. This 18'' x 24'' print is 8 colors (which includes metallic gold ink, 2 blacks and a clear varnish) on Stonehenge 100% cotton paper. Edition of 100. Signed by Bambaataa on the front, and Kofie and Jemison on the back. We think Jemison and Kofie’s imagery intersect beautifully on this one, so if you can’t live with out a little Bam in your home, grab a copy here.

Photos: Thinkspace Gallery

Juxtapoz // Thursday, February 14, 2008
Thinkspace Gallery had an epic opening Friday, February 8th of Marion Bolognesi, Zach Johnsen, and Tony Phillipou’s The Trinity in their main room, as well as Scott Radke and Kevin Titzer’s Pins & Needles in their project room. The folks at Thinkspace were kind enough to pass along some photos of the event, which you can take a peek at right here…

Re:Mission Benefit at Thinkspace

Juxtapoz // Thursday, May 31, 2007
This weekend, June 2nd, Thinkspace Gallery and Dzuy Doan present Re:Mission, a community art project to benefit children with cancer who are treated at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. For one evening only, artists worldwide will be featuring their donated works at Thinkspace Gallery in the arts district located in Silverlake. Art pieces will be sold at a discount with 100% of the proceeds supporting the cause. Re:Mission preview online. Aside from the impressive list of contributing artists, including Angie Mason, Farmer Bob, Julie West, Ken Garduno, Ray Caeser, Sarah Joncas, Mear One, and The Art Dump, the show will also feature custom art furniture designs by Dzuy Doan in collaboration with Kofie One (shown), Jenn Porreca, Christian Morin, and Sohaila. For more information, please visit Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Re:Mission or Thinkspace Gallery online. {moscomment}
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