Josh Keyes Print & Gregory Euclide at Limited Addiction

Juxtapoz // Thursday, June 26, 2008
Limited Addiction just announced an upcoming print release from Josh Keyes, titled Thunder. These gorgeous prints (shown above) won’t actually go on sale until Tuesday, July 15th but we figure you needed some advance warning, considering all of Keyes’ past prints sold out quickly. Keyes’ Thunder was originally exhibited by Limited Addiction Gallery at the Red Dot Fair in New York this past March. The print will be his largest sized print to date, in an edition of 100, so bookmark now. Limited Addiction will also be closing Gregory Euclide’s exhibition (Falling on Schist from Rows of Growing Plains shown below) this Sunday, June 29th. If you haven’t had the opportunity to view his new work and impressive installation, we highly encourage you to check it out. Note that you can download the artist’s podcast tour through the ‘Interactive’ portion of the Limited Addiction site, in addition to viewing photos of the exhibition. Sweet.

Photos: Josh Keyes & Jeremy Fish at Joshua Liner

Juxtapoz // Thursday, June 26, 2008
Josh Keyes’ Side Effects and Jeremy Fish’s Seasons of Change both opened this past weekend at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City. Both artists presented a wealth of new work that simply blew us away. Keyes’ fantastically altered landscapes provided a delightful contrast to Fish’s consistently clean-lined grinning skulls, body parts, hat-sporting worms, and umbrella-toting hearts. From Side Effects to Seasons of Change and back again, these two solo shows are exactly what the doctor ordered. See more opening night exhibit photos right this way…

Josh Keyes' "Side Effects" at Joshua Liner Gallery

Juxtapoz // Friday, May 30, 2008
Joshua Liner Gallery presents Side Effects, an exhibition of new paintings by the Oakland-based artist Josh Keyes in his first solo show with the gallery. Side Effects will run from June 21 thru July 26, 2008. Keyes’ fantastically altered landscapes reveal the intricacy of Earth as a natural system, and the complexity of our responses to it. Literally platforming nature, the artist’s satirical chunks of earth, sea, and space painted on white fields painstakingly depict the plant, animal, and human realms, all interacting and reacting. Deer, war memorials, grass, hyenas, street signs, whales, fast-food containers, and myriad other subjects are forced into intimate encounters atop these tiny stages, intensifying their real and symbolic interactions. Keyes’ platform strategy emphasizes the notion of Earth as a fragile “garden planet” floating in space. It also critiques the human fallacy that nature can be contained, a mythology of First World progress divorcing civilization from nature. Side Effects investigates the artist’s ongoing interest in animal myths and folk tales, including Ovid’s Metamorphoses and American Indian legends. Some of these stories convey cautionary lessons about the importance of respecting nature. Elsewhere, Keyes’ “interlock” series uses an ingenious visual analog to show how the built environment is directly linked with the natural world, also displaying the artist’s fascination with scientific and textbook drawings. Another central topic is Keyes’ speculative imaginings about a dystopian future, where the United States operates on the world stage as a political and environmental tyrant (whether these works are perceived as speculative or futuristic depends on the viewer’s point of view). Here, Keyes’ sculpture and objects serve primarily as “sketches” for thinking about form, space, and light in the execution of his paintings. The installation A Thousand Points of Light, a reference to the administration of George H W Bush, creates a new American flag revealing the United States as both predator and prey in the political and economic “oceans” of the world. Details at

Preview: Inaugural Joshua Liner Gallery Exhibit

Juxtapoz // Thursday, April 10, 2008
Unless you’ve been residing in a cave for the past few weeks, you already know that the highly anticipated opening of the brand new Joshua Liner Gallery in New York is going down this Saturday, April 12th. Celebrating contemporary art from all reaches of the globe, this inaugural opening will feature twenty-eight highly regarded artists. Gracing the walls of Joshua Liner Gallery this Saturday will include artworks from: Shawn Barber, Crash One, Mike Davis, Ron English, Jeremy Fish, Blaine Fontana, Futura, Robert Hardgrave, Naoto Hattori, Kenji Hirata, Zach Johnsen, Jessica Joslin, Josh Keyes, Koralie, Kris Kuksi, David Choong Lee, Travis Louie, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Chris Mendoza, Aiko Nakagawa, Pat Rocha, Greg Simkins, Damon Soule, Stash, Heidi Taillefer, Ben Tour, Mark Dean Veca, and Oliver Vernon (Temple Alps shown.) We dare you to come up with a hotter list of artists all in one gallery space. Take a look-see at the Joshua Liner Gallery website for more info, and to check out the stellar line up of future exhibits.  

Photos: John Casey and Josh Keyes

Juxtapoz // Thursday, February 07, 2008
John Casey and Josh Keyes recently had a phenomenal opening of their new works at TAG Gallery in Nashville. Quite a few cameras captured the entire evening on film. To see more photos of their opening, click here.  

Josh Keyes and John Casey

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, January 23, 2008
The amazingly talented Josh Keyes and John Casey are having an upcoming show at TAG Art Gallery in Nashville. With photos by David McClister also on display, this opening Saturday, February 2nd will showcase Casey’s imaginative, and at times bizarre, sculptures and paintings as well as Keyes’ signature altered landscapes and metaphorical animals. If you happen to be in the dirty South, take a night to see some truly great art!

Josh Keyes and Oliver Vernon at Limited Addiction

Juxtapoz // Thursday, October 25, 2007
Limited Addiction Gallery in Denver, CO has photos up from their current exhibit, a two-dude show sans title from Josh Keyes and Oliver Vernon. Limited Addiction is all about multi-media. Josh's (thorough) podcast tour is available for downloading in the podcast section of the interactive portion of their site, and video of the opening night, along with video interviews from each artist, will be uploaded late next week.

Josh Keyes + Tiny Showcase

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Ok, if we tell you something cool do you promise not to freak out? Promise? Ok. Tonight's Tiny Showcase is Josh Keyes. Stop freaking out! You promised. Cool. Seriously though, as of 7:30pm EDT tonight (October 2nd) there will be 200 prints available from the Tiny Showcase folks featuring the work of Mr. Keyes. And since it's a Tiny Showcase joint you know the price is gonna be hella low. This is not to be missed. We just hope we can click fast enough to get one before they're sold out or the mass user load crashes the servers. Our mouse finger is getting antsy just thinking about it. The picture featured isn't the showcase print (that we know of), but it is one of the new pieces that will be featured in Josh's upcoming show at Hang Art in San Francisco this Thursday (October 4th). You can get him to sign your print if it arrives in time. Or not. The postal service ain't what she used to be. and

Josh Keyes Print

Juxtapoz // Friday, August 24, 2007
Since most of the Josh Keyes paintings in the Artifice of Form show [mentioned here] are going to sell out before the opening (he's so hot right now), and because a lot of you don't really have an extra $1000 to throw around, it might interest you to know that Limited Addiction Gallery has just released Josh's first major print. "Treadmill" is a limited-edition, archival Giclée on Hahnemuhle velvet paper and measures in at 18" x 13". For $150 that is a deal you can't scoff at, especially because in two years time Josh will be in everyone's top ten. Now you can have proof that you loved him way back when, not to mention a sweet piece of candy for your walls. There are only 50 of these so if you're still reading this you may already have waited too long.
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