INSA and others create limited-edition cup and saucer sets

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, December 07, 2010
We saw this INSA tea cup and saucer set late yesterday, but just found the full limited-edition releases that includes sets from Sylvia Ji, James Jean, Ron English, Tara McPherson, Mode 2, and Gary Baseman amongst others. For us in the USA and North America, these are only released in the UK (Tate Modern being one place), but people ship international in 2010. Images after the jump . . . 

Back Talk: Aaron Nagel

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, December 07, 2010
Realist painter Aaron Nagel caps off a strong year with a group show at Thinkspace Gallery this Saturday, December 11, titled The New Realism: New Paintings from Aaron Nagel, Nathan DeYoung, Jeff Ramirez, Jennifer Nehrbass, Linnea Strid, and Pakayla Rae Biehn. We will be highlighting each artist's work this week with a Back Talk, and today we speak with Aaron. Questions after the jump . . .

David Choe to have special release of "Tokyo Girl" print tomorrow, December 3

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 02, 2010
David Choe had an art show with his friend James Jean in Tokyo last month, and most of us could not go. Not even Dave, because he is banned from Japan. But there is a prize for those David Choe supporters and fans who couldn't go: A "Tokyo Girl" print release. More information after the jump . . .

Our new December Juxtapoz cover is . . .

Juxtapoz // Friday, November 12, 2010
Sometimes, people call us to talk about our new issues a few days before we even see copies. In our humble attempt to be ahead of that curve, we just received copies of our December 2010 Juxtapoz, and now you can see it after the jump . . .

Back Talk: Melissa Forman

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Melissa Forman is a Cleveland, Ohio based painter with a solo show, "Keepers of Creation" opening at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City this Saturday, November 13. She is the subject of today's "Back Talk" ...

Opening photos: David Choe and James Jean's "LA Secret Studio" in Tokyo

Juxtapoz // Monday, November 01, 2010
Good Smile in Japan just sent us opening night photos from James Jean and David Choe's "LA Secret Studio" show that was showcased in Shibuya. Looks like James made it out to show, and had a bit of a fan club waiting for him in Tokyo. More pictures after the jump. . .

Happening Now: James Jean & David Choe “LA Secret Studio” opens in Tokyo

Juxtapoz // Friday, October 29, 2010
  Although the residents of Tokyo have probably already made their way home by now, they have already felt the effects of the odd-but-amazingly-congruent-art-couple, James Jean and David Choe and their new group showing, “LA Secret Studio” in the Shibuya District.

LA Secret Studio: Works by David Choe and James Jean

Juxtapoz // Thursday, October 21, 2010
David Choe and James Jean got together to present works for an upcoming show going down in Tokyo, Japan. The name 'LA Secret Studio' comes from the large warehouse studio set up in Los Angeles by David Choe, James Jean and Good Smile Co. - under the idea that the artists would be able to create in the large studio without the constraints of space and distractions of the public.

Back Talk with Danielle Buerli

Juxtapoz // Sunday, October 10, 2010
Danielle Buerli is an illustrator, designer, sculptor, and animator from Los Angeles now “living in the mountains.” Buerli’s wide range of creative talents maintain a narrative nature with a deep sensitivity to the human condition, rendered in detailed and original methodology.

The Exquisite Book: 100 Artists Play a Collaborative Game

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, September 28, 2010
The Exquisite Book is a project based on the surrealist game called the Exquisite Corpse. The book is a modified version of the game, played by one hundred contributing contemporary fine artists, illustrators, designers and comic artists.


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