Artist Interview with David Choe

Juxtapoz // Monday, March 09, 2009
David Choe (Juxtapoz cover #72) is the type of balls-out artist who makes waves wherever he goes. If you’re like us, you’ve watched his progression as an artist over the years, from his incarceration in Japan to selling out any show in which he participates. In this 3-part interview series by Walrus TV, David Choe shares his thoughts on everything from how he got his start using spray paint, to his diverse techniques of warfare, to his feelings about prayer (yes, he prays- but not as much as his mother does for him.) Watch all three video interviews with David Choe here…

Natalia Fabia Rocks Corey Helford Gallery

Juxtapoz // Friday, March 06, 2009
No, that's not a photo you see below; it's an oil painting by the lovely Natalia Fabia (shown above, center). Impressive, isn't it? Following her widely acclaimed 2008 exhibition, Hooker Safari, Fabia’s second solo show at Corey Helford Gallery solidified her role as a major player in the contemporary art game. Continuing her tales of seduction, Natalia's new works reveal forbidden desires and secret fantasies of her modern-day belle de jours in strikingly detailed paintings. From the long line of fans wrapping around the Gallery all night long to get a glimpse at Natalia's solo Hooker DreamEscape, it's safe to say that the artist hit a homerun on this one. Read and see more right this way...

Limited Edition "Swan" Print by James Jean

Juxtapoz // Thursday, March 05, 2009
James Jean fans rejoice: World-renowned artist James Jean, in conjunction with Suru, will release his SWAN limited edition giclee print tomorrow, Friday March 6th. The Los Angeles based artist, has captured a world-wide audience through his incredibly distinctive and delicate style. His works have been featured in animation, large-scale installations, and fabric design The painting from which this giclee was created was originally exhibited as part of a sold-out solo show entitled, Kindling, at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York from January 10 – February 7, 2009. The original painting is 50” × 88”, oil and acrylic on linen on four separate panels, finished in 2008. The SWAN prints are 25” x 44”, limited to only 50 pieces, are hand numbered and signed, and will be available for purchase both at Suru in Los Angeles and online. More info on SWAN at  

David Choe

Juxtapoz // Thursday, February 19, 2009
David Choe's (Juxtapoz cover #72) Dirty Hands are making their way to San Francisco! Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe by filmmaker Harry Kim is coming to the Bay Area for screenings on Saturday, March 14th, 2009 at 9:30pm at the Castro Theatre and again on March 17th, 2009 at 4:30pm at Sundance Kabuki Cinemas. If you have yet to see this film, you’re in for a real treat as David gives a raw glimpse into his crazy and enthralling life. Banned in Japan, the most attended film at the LA International Film Fest, a film a decade in the making. Do what you have to do to be at one of these screenings because occurrences like this don’t happen everyday. More at

Opening Night with James Jean & Kenichi Hoshine at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Jonathan LeVine Gallery was the spot to be for in New York for the openings of Kindling, the latest solo exhibition of new works by James Jean (shown above, left) and The Night Before, the solo exhibition featuring new works by Kenichi Hoshine (above right.) As you can tell from the photo below (yep, that's Keith Carradine and Susan Sarandon with Jean below) the opening evening attracted names large and small, all eager to get a first-hand glimpse of Jean and Hoshine's newest works. Surprisingly, this was the very first solo show opportunity for both these incredibly talented artists, and they showed the world what they've been slaving away at for months and years in truly breathtakingly beautiful collections of work. Jean's subtle yet suggestive themes of metamorphosis, mortality, and sexuality blend together seamlessly, bridging the gap between the real and imagined, creating a world we only wish we could actually inhabit. Hoshine’s intimate glimpses of fragmented figures result in enigmatic images that are penetrating yet subjective in content, and his subtle aesthetic leaves much open for interpretation. Enough about what we think though; take a look at more opening night photos (including quite a few of another one of our favorite artists, David Choe) from the Gallery right over here...

James Jean at Jonathan Levine

Juxtapoz // Sunday, January 18, 2009
Kindling, the latest solo exhibition of new works by James Jean, now on display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York is stunning. Really, the work is extraordinarily kinetic and complex, and definiely well-worth the wait. The subjects, as the artist explains, glide through the tableaux, tracing a narrative of thwarted desires. His subtle yet suggestive themes of metamorphosis, mortality, and sexuality blend together seamlessly, bridging the gap between the real and imagined. If you have yet to see Jean's Kindling in person, get over to Jonathan LeVine Gallery before February 7th, 2009. The Gallery has also made available two limited edition James Jean prints of works from the show, including Ballad (shown above) and Toymaker. If you know what's good for you, you'll check it all out now at    

Photos: David Choe Signs "Choe Gal"

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, December 30, 2008
David Choe (Juxtapoz cover #72) has got to be one of our all-time favorite artistic bad-boys, but he proved he's got a softer side as well when he created the doll Choe Gal. Mr Choe took the evening to sign Choe Gal at GR2 in Los Angeles last week, attracting fans from all over to get their sticky hands on one of the limited 1,000 pieces available for sale. Choe Gal is his first wood figure: extremely detailed, totally hand painted, and featuring a head that rotates to expose three facial expressions (to express whatever mood your bi-polar ass may be in that second.) If you couldn’t make it out to LA to get your own doll signed, take a peek at what you missed in photos right over here…

"The Night Before" from Kenichi Hoshine

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 25, 2008
The Night Before, a solo exhibition featuring new works by Kenichi Hoshine, will hit Jonathan LeVine Gallery this January. For the artist’s first solo show, he has created a series of original mixed media paintings on wood panel. In The Night Before, Hoshine’s pluralistic sensibility combines disparate influences. Elements of heightened realism appear obscured through cloudy forms that echo the organic shapes and spontaneity of abstract expressionism. Working in layers of graphite, charcoal, paint, wax, and tea, Hoshine creates glimpses of fragmented figures in varying levels of focus. The resulting effect appears as partially concealed faces, hands, and other fractioned sections of the body, seemingly emerge from beyond—or withdraw into—a fog-like atmosphere. The Night Before opens at Jonathan LeVine on January 10th, 2009, alongside James Jean’s Kindling. Learn more on The Night Before and Kenichi Hoshine in more info here….

James Jean

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 25, 2008
Kindling, a solo exhibition of new works by James Jean, comes to Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. For his first show at the gallery, Jean has created a collection of original large-scale mixed media paintings and drawings on canvas, linen, and paper. Kindling will be Jean’s debut solo fine art exhibition, marking a highly anticipated event for this remarkably accomplished and acclaimed young artist. Jean’s subtle yet suggestive themes of metamorphosis, mortality, and sexuality blend together seamlessly, bridging the gap between the real and imagined to create simply stunning work. Kindling opens January 10th, 2009. Learn more on Kindling and the artist right this way…

David Choe Signing his "Choe Gal"

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 18, 2008
David Choe's (Juxtapoz cover #72) Choe Gal will be sold at GR2 in Los Angeles with a special treat: Mr Choe himself will be present to sign his limited edition wooden doll from 6-8pm! Raised on comic books, affected by street art, and inspired by crime, women, and music, Choe has developed a unique and restless style that is effortless yet meticulous and focused, and (or course) dirty. Choe Gal is his first wood figure: extremely detailed, totally hand painted, and featuring a head that rotates to expose three facial expressions. This piece is strictly limited to 1,000 pieces and a mere $45. Details at


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