Maurizio Cattelan: "All" @ the Guggenheim

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, November 30, 2011
All is Maurizio Cattelan's retrospective exhibition with one hundred and twenty-eight of the Italian prankster's works, all hanging from the Guggenheim's rotunda. Some of our favorites include La Nona Ora which features Pope John Paul II struck down by a meteor, as well as Pinocchio floating face down, and a squirrel that has committed suicide by shooting itself at a break-room table.

A field of 5,000 Christmas lights by Bruce Munro

Juxtapoz // Sunday, November 27, 2011
Time to get the Holiday season off to an incredible start. Light artist Bruce Munro has created a beautiful installation at the Holburne Museum in Bath, England, consisting of over 5,000 Christmas lights, literally creating the feeling of a field of lights.

James Jarvis @ The Standard NYC

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, November 15, 2011
As part of a continuing series of artist and window installations at The Standard NYC, James Jarvis (Juxtapoz cover artist in March 2010) has an installation and work on display through December 10th. Coinciding with the release of his new book, De Profundis, published by PictureBox, Jarvis follows past Standard NYC shows with Julia Chiang, Anthony Lister, Andrew Kuo, Ryan McGinness, KAWS and Jeff Canham.

Swoon in New Orleans: The Music Box—A Shantytown Sound Laboratory

Juxtapoz // Monday, November 14, 2011
We wrote earlier this year about Swoon's various projects in New Orleans, and Swoon and various collaborators debut the The Music Box on October 22nd to coincide with Prospect 2, New Orleans’ art biennale. The Music Box is an interactive installation of purpose-built shacks and miniature houses made out of New Orleans’ beautiful architectural details and plentiful salvaged materials; built into in each structure is an invented instrument created by a sound artist.

Big Little Installations by Petros Christostomou

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, October 26, 2011
To be honest, we thought we were looking at 20' tall sculptures of high heels from artist Petros Christostomou. But look again, these are small installations made to look like the illusion we believed. We were always let down, but we like the work too much regardless.

Dressed Objects by David Byrne

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, October 18, 2011
We know that David Byrne created this Dressed Objects body of work in 1998 for a gallery show in Munich, Germany, but we have always wanted the excuse to have a side table wearing 4-legged khakis on the site. And we got our wish...

Richard Jackson's "The LIttle Girl's Room" @ David Kordansky Gallery, LA

Juxtapoz // Saturday, October 15, 2011
Running until October 20th is Richard Jackson's The Little Girl's Room at David Kordansky Gallery. The show is Jackson's first solo show in Los Angeles in 20 years. Jackson, if you are not yet familiar, is known for his innovation and experimentation within painting.

The Crayon Wildfire Installation by Herb Williams

Juxtapoz // Saturday, October 15, 2011
Definitely not the Herb Williams who played center for the New York Knicks. This Herb Williams has created a full Crayon fire installation, where he has shaped various Crayons in the shape of flames. There are some progress pieces after the jump . . .

Wendell McShine @ Callaloo Company in Trinidad

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, October 12, 2011
We just got photos of Mexico City-based artist, Wendell McShine's newest creation: a series of larger than life installation pieces in “Transcend “ at the Callaloo Company in Trinidad. Photos after the jump . . .

Engaging Installations by Jennifer Steinkamp

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Jennifer Steinkamp is "an installation artist who works with video and new media in order to explore ideas about architectural space, motion, and perception" (as she puts it herself on her website). I saw her recent installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego at their Downtown location.


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