The Anti-Christmas Reindeer

Illustration // Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Since it isn't anytime close to Christmas, we deemed it appropriate to share this Reindeer animation, because while it may seem festive, the theme is just the opposite. 'One of 5 short idents we did for E4 on the topic of Christmas. The general idea was to surprise people with something really anti-christmas...

Petra Börner's Classic Patterns

Illustration // Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Petra Börner grew up in Sweden with an artist dream drawing inspiration from her great grandfather, a painter and photographer with entrepreneurial ideas. Being from a supportive family of doctors, she got her first commission illustrating medical journals through her surgeon mother.

The Great Quentin Blake

Illustration // Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Quentin Blake is an English cartoonist, illustrator and children's writer best known for illustrating books written by Roald Dahl. He won the biennal international Hans CHristian Andersen Award in 2002, the highest honor available to creators of children's books.  His spirited, frenetic watercolor drawings are familiar to pretty much anyone who read books as a child!  

Mercedes Debellard's Soft Styles

Illustration // Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Mercedes Debellard was born in 1986 and is a freelance illustrator from Spain. Her clients include Warner Bros, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph. Her main tools for working on her illustrations are watercolours and pencils. She is represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency.  

Philipp Zurmohle's Cross-Media Illustrations

Illustration // Tuesday, June 17, 2014
We're enjoying the energetic, structured pencil drawings of Philipp Zurmohle. Based in Nuremberg, Germany, Philipp works as a graphic designer for apparel at Adidas performance. His work is a nique mixture of digital and traditional pencilwork. 

The Satanic World of Xul1349

Illustration // Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Romanian artist Xul1349's work is strongly influenced by gothic and satanic themes. Don't show your children... or show them when they are being bad...

Floating Forms by Leah Yerpe

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Leah Yerpe is a Brooklyn, New York-based illustrator, capturing images of a dream-like state. Yerpe paints bodies in a variety of different twisting poses, floating or falling into emptyness. Recently previewing her work "Stellify" at The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge, Manhattan, New York, illustrating the human body in all it's forms has become Yerpe's signature style...

Fashion Inspired Illustrations from Vita Yang

Illustration // Monday, June 16, 2014
Illustrator Vita Yang spent a few years working in the footwear industry before chasing her true dream. Clearly influenced by fashion, today Vita has worked with Agnès B, Vogue, GQ, and HUMAN MADE...  

Folklore Inspired Works from Izabela Stanic

Illustration // Monday, June 16, 2014
Based in Ontario, Canada Illustrator Izabela Stanic says that you can call her Izzy for short. The majority of her work is inspired by a combination of comic books and folklore from her home town in Croatia. This yields...

Illustrations from Pepe Rodríguez

Illustration // Monday, June 16, 2014
Designer and illustrator Pepe Rodríguez is based in Yucatán, Mexico. His cheeky, colorful works appeal to both the young and young at heart. Pepe's works are available as prints for those of us...


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