Goodbye, Steve

Illustration // Monday, January 02, 2012
Inventor and Apple co-founder Steve Job's death on October 5th inspired a staggering outpouring of illustrated memorials, including this loving and beautiful artistic dedication from illustrator Martin Ansin for Wired Magazine. In memoriam: Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011).

2011, Buh-Bye!

Illustration // Monday, January 02, 2012
We hope you enjoy this animated 2011 recap from JibJab, a look back at the most notorious moments of the year in their 7th annual review. Revisit 2011's triumphs and foibles, from more light-hearted fare like Charlie Sheen's #winning tweets and Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls, to the debt ceiling crisis and global protests, all sung by a popsicle stick puppet choir!

Happy New Year, Donald

Illustration // Monday, January 02, 2012
A greeting card sent to legendary Donald Duck illustrator Carl Barks, from the Japanese creator of Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka, wishing him a happy new year. We wish our readers the very same: Happy 2012!!

Illustrations by Adam Haynes

Illustration // Monday, January 02, 2012
Born and raised of fine Central Oregon stock, artist Adam Haynes defines his vision of the world through the language of his surroundings—the vivid geography of the Cascade Range and the off-kilter character of its rural inhabitants.

2012 Survival Kit

Illustration // Sunday, January 01, 2012
Marko Purac is a Siberian illustrator, designer with some amazing text work to bring you into 2012 with a survival kit and a bang. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Bring it on Mayan Calender 2012!!

A study in feathers

Illustration // Saturday, December 31, 2011
A study in ink and watercolor of three feathers by Jody Edwards up in Canada. An American Robin, a North American Blue Jay and a Northern Cardinal feather. Brown, Blue and Red, these feathers come from some of the most recognizable birds around. An artist and a mom to two very small boys, she has an amazing selection of small, affordable originals available. New Art New Year!

Frank Magnotta

Illustration // Friday, December 30, 2011
Impressive and detailed pencil drawings by the New York (Brooklyn) based artist and designer Frank Magnotta. “I’m not really daunted by blank paper. I do a lot of prep work before I start so I usually have a good idea of which direction I want to go in. Maybe it is my mathematical or sculptural background, but I really think concretely about what I’m going to do before beginning...'  

Jillian Ludwig's Fam Farm

Illustration // Friday, December 30, 2011
'The series Fam Farm reflects in a calm, gentle manner the loss of natural farming within westernized culture. Genetic modification, factory farming, as well as deceitful packaging and misguided labeling results in confusion and a disconnection between customer and the source of their food. Each drawing describes animals, which are regularly used by humans, to be wrapped in flowing pink ribbons and balloons'  Jillian Ludwig

Luis Sanchez Voyeur

Erotica // Friday, December 30, 2011
Luis Sanchez's realistic studies of the female form in his series 'Voyeur' are gorgeous portrayals of feminine youth and the power and simplicity of graphite, charcoal and paper. These were created for an exhibition in Querétaro, MX.

Casey Jex Smith

Illustration // Friday, December 30, 2011
Somewhere in between psychedelia, your unconscious and a box of crayons lays the work of Casey Jex Smith, an extremely gifted and artistically sporadic young man with both a BFA and MFA in his craft. Fascinating, isn't it??


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