Hyuro Painting in Bergen

Street Art // Monday, November 07, 2011
Months back we shared several of the walls and video of five artists that were invited to voice their opinions on capitalism directly on the walls of Nhh Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen.  We thought we had seen all of the walls until today when Spanish artist, Hyuro uploaded this painting of a person laying down.

New Hyuro Painting in Bergen

Street Art // Thursday, October 20, 2011
Hyuro from Spain just posted photos of a wall panted for the Nhh Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen.  Books surround the subjects in the painting and maybe they are conspiring or sharing collected thoughts?

Hyuro at Bien Urbain Festival.

Street Art // Wednesday, October 12, 2011
The odd and occasionally creepy street work of Spanish artist, Hyuro graced several walls at the Bien Urbain festival in Bensacon, France.  

2 New Walls From Hyuro

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, October 04, 2011
Here are two fantastic new walls from the always-intriguing street artist, Hyuro.  One of the walls was recently painted for the Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway.

Juxtapoz @ Nuart: Day 3

Juxtapoz // Thursday, September 29, 2011
As we learn to love Stavanger, Norway and Nuart more and more, Day 3 saw many of the artists move from indoors to outdoors. Herbert Baglione, David Choe, DVS-1, and Herakut were finishing indoor walls, and Escif, Hyuro, Lucy McLauchlan, Phlegm, and Tellas were all working on city walls. And, Juxtapoz went on a fjord cruise.... 

Juxtapoz @ Nuart: Day 2

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Day 2 at Nuart was again a bit more set-up and preparation of the artist's rooms in advance of everyone getting out onto the streets of Stavanger for murals. Herakut, DVS-1, and Vhils starting working today, and Dan Witz, Herbert Baglione, David Choe, Tellas, Hyuro, and Escif began wrapping up their areas.

Juxtapoz @ Nuart: _____capitalism? Video

Juxtapoz // Monday, September 26, 2011
We are currently on route to Stavanger, Norway for the 2011 Nuart Festival, so we wanted to preview our excursion with the video Nuart created for their _____capitalism? project done this summer. Escif, M-City, EINE, DOLK and Hyuro all participated, and headed to the NHH Norwegian School of Economics to paint and discuss capitalism.

In Street Art: Hyuro in Argentina

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, August 31, 2011
We are really feeling this new wall by Valencia, Spain-based street artist, Hyuro, recently painted in San Pedro, Argentina. Good touches here. With Sam3, Escif, Aryz, San, and others, Spain is in a good state at the moment.

New Wall from Hyuro

Street Art // Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Really feeling this new wall by Valencia-based street artist, Hyuro painted in San Pedro, Argentina.

New Hyuro Wall

Street Art // Tuesday, August 16, 2011
  Spain-based street artist, Hyuro just finished this visually engaging wall in San Pedro, Argentina.


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