Amazing Book Shelf by Mebrure Oral

Juxtapoz // Sunday, December 18, 2011
We don't know about you, but we love to read and sometimes find it hard to get the time or motivation to sit with a good book (Murakami's 1Q84 has been a project). Turkish designer Mebrure Oral is helping motivate us with the Target Bookshelf.

The Nail Lamp by Ilias Ernst

Juxtapoz // Sunday, December 18, 2011
The technical name of Dutch designer Ilias Ernst's lamp is the Nail Cloud. The piece is a "customizable lamp that’s made up of nails and magnets," with each nail positioned around the light with the help of magnets. And each person can move the nails around for their own custom light look.

The Soft Hercules Chair by Fat

Juxtapoz // Monday, December 05, 2011
Maybe you haven't ever wanted to sit on Hercules' head before, but it is one of the many wishes we have wanted for the holiday season. Environmental design studio FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) has created a soft stool cast from foam rubber—"the soft squishy stuff that is usually used to make stress balls." And its Hercules' head.

Barbara Kruger x Works on Whatever Towel

Juxtapoz // Friday, December 02, 2011
November 2010 cover artist, and one of the more influential contemporary artists working today, Barbara Kruger just teamed up with Works On Whatever to create this bold beach towel. Even though its winter in most places, we could use a beach towel in Miami right about now.

Tents As Art Projects

Juxtapoz // Thursday, December 01, 2011
Most of us have been camping, and most of us have used really boring, solid color tents whilst camping. That is a problem no more; enter designer tents from British company FieldCandy. Now you can attract bears with a nice big piece of watermelon.

Geoff McFetridge x Heath Ceramics

Juxtapoz // Monday, November 21, 2011
Living in the Bay Area, we have grown very familiar with the Heath Ceramics brand. Even if you don't care about housewares, go to Chez Panisse one day and drink a cup of coffee, and tell us you don't like that mug? In honor of the brand's 60th Anniversary, Heath has teamed up with Geoff McFetridge for a unique set of artist designed plates, bowls, mugs and other goods.

Art History as Snow Globes by Ligorano/Reese

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, November 02, 2011
You know what they say; the holiday season begins right after Halloween. With that in mind, we think a good way of learning about art history is in the form of a snow globe (okay, we actually think reading and research is the optimal way, but these limited edition globes from Artware Editions by art duo Ligorano/Reese are great, too).

Sin In Linen's Voodoo Bones Houseware Collection

Juxtapoz // Saturday, October 29, 2011
Indulge in the Halloween spirit year round with Sin In Linen's Voodoo Bones sheet sets and kitchen accessories. Move beyond the sleeping ritual and cast a love spell, and find yourself in a bamboo forest possessed by the magic of shrunken head skulls. Just luxuriate in your tribal desires with voodoo bones bedding.

Sentient Kitchen Series by Christine Chin

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, October 25, 2011
It is getting close to Halloween, and as many are preparing for their costume parties, pumpkin carving parties, or just straight let's get weird parties, may we suggest some really appropriate housewares for the occasion? Christin Chin has created the Sentient Kitchen Series, featuring creepy hand salt shakers, and hairy pepper noses.

Lipstick Lights by Phase Design

Juxtapoz // Saturday, October 22, 2011
We are going to state the obvious here and say these aren't for everyone, but if you want your home/apartment/condo to have a tad more ambiance, these Lipstick Lights by Phase Design are going to be your pick. They come in both table lamp and floor light versions.
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