Juxtapoz Magazine - Juxtapoz Magazine - Displaying items by tag: hindue http://www.juxtapoz.com Sun, 29 Nov 2015 22:35:48 -0800 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Hindue power handstyle http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-power-handstyle http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-power-handstyle Hindue power handstyle
We always wondered what the secret was to Hindue's handstyles and now we know it's all in the Nintendo Power Glove!
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Sun, 29 Nov 2015 06:19:13 -0800
Hindue on an RBOX http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-54549823872372354234 http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-54549823872372354234 Hindue on an RBOX
Hindue is a well-known name amongst train writers, as his numbers and quality are way up there.  Here he takes half of an RBOX doing it justice.
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Mon, 23 Nov 2015 13:03:05 -0800
Bleeding Enamel http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/bleeding-enamel-8234234234234 http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/bleeding-enamel-8234234234234 Bleeding Enamel
Hindue’s straight letters received the samurai slicer through the middle and now they will bleed in a pool of rust.
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Tue, 22 Sep 2015 10:25:14 -0700
Discerning eyed Hindue http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/discerning-eyed-hindue http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/discerning-eyed-hindue Discerning eyed Hindue
If you stumble on a Hindue doddle that looks similar to this, consider yourself lucky.
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Tue, 04 Aug 2015 06:34:54 -0700
Hindue GTB http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-2394234234234 http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-2394234234234 Hindue GTB
So very super simple and yet so very super effective. Hindue brings to life an old RBOX with a splash of new color. 
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Fri, 31 Jul 2015 06:19:50 -0700
Oversized lunchbox http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/oversized-lunchbox http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/oversized-lunchbox Oversized lunchbox
We didn't know that Union Pacific made freight train cars that look like an oversized lunchbox.  Wonder what it carries besides a Hindue burner?
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Mon, 13 Jul 2015 07:57:50 -0700
Hindue Eleventh... http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-eleventh http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-eleventh Hindue Eleventh...
Some of our most favorite handstyles to catch on trains and for good reason.
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Tue, 23 Jun 2015 06:21:01 -0700
Hindue: 11 Years Apart http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-11-years-apart http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-11-years-apart Hindue: 11 Years Apart
It's not often in the graffiti game your piece runs for 11 years let alone you getting a chance to paint a new piece right next to your old piece which is what Hindue did in this cutty creek spot. Dude has definitely come along way in 11 years!
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Sun, 21 Jun 2015 06:47:14 -0700
No Internet Hindue http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/no-internet-hindue http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/no-internet-hindue No Internet Hindue
Hindue remembers a time before the internet where you had to actually go check out trains in person and not just sit on Instagram and cyber bench all day. Click the post to see the rest of the moniker.
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Sat, 23 May 2015 06:06:40 -0700
Hindueism http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-23848234234234 http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/hindue-23848234234234 Hindueism
Hindue owned everything about this hopper and then some, but then again, Hindue owns a lot of space on the railroads in general.
Editor@juxtapoz.com (Juxtapoz) Graffiti Thu, 21 May 2015 10:57:07 -0700