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Graffiti // Tuesday, March 05, 2013
  According to Wikipedia, “A signatureis a handwritten (and often stylized) depiction of someone's name, nickname, or even a simple "X" or other mark that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity and intent. The writer of a signature is a signatory or signer. Similar to a handwritten signature, a signature work describes the work as readily identifying its creator. "

"Pistol Grip Pump on my lap at all times"

Graffiti // Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Most would associate this quote with the song “Renegades” from Rage Against of Machine, but it was actually originally used by the West Coast rap group, Volume 10, in 1994. Hindue does the quote justice with the smooth handstyles.

Cryo Trans Hindue

Graffiti // Friday, June 01, 2012
Hindue did one hell of a job matching the colors to this Cryo Trans car and making a piece of graffiti look like it belongs.

Hindu x Ghouls

Graffiti // Saturday, May 12, 2012
Them bold letters that no mater how fast that train is zooming by you will not have any problem knowing who painted it.  Hindu and Ghouls.


Graffiti // Monday, May 07, 2012
With one cool color scheme and some simple smooth letters, Hindu cleans up another panel on the littered freight trains of North America.

Hindu Hand

Graffiti // Friday, April 20, 2012
That’s a nice John Hancock you got there with some good placement as well.

Punisher by Hindu

Graffiti // Wednesday, April 04, 2012
Here is a recently benched end-to-end punisher train with the classic skull logo by train wrecker Hindu.

Hindu Detonation

Graffiti // Friday, March 30, 2012
This Hindu end-to-end is in total detonation, moments from being nothing but tiny pieces and dust.

Hindu Rock

Graffiti // Friday, March 16, 2012
Once in a while everything comes all into place at the right time and you may have not even expected it.  Not only is this Hindu end-to-end smashing the scene, that plane couldn’t have been in a better place.

Unidentified Rolling Hindu

Graffiti // Thursday, February 23, 2012
This boxcar got hooked up!  Panel smashing Hindu attacked by extraterrestrial beings.
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