Blief x Eric

Graffiti // Monday, October 13, 2014
These two matched colors and funk levels equally. The regularly scheduled trackside toy cleanup program in full effect.

Popquiz A2m

Graffiti // Monday, October 13, 2014
A Popquiz is described as, “a short test given to a class by a teacher, without prior warning or announcement.” Much like a train flying by without prior warning and testing your vision for letter deciphering.

Pant1 in Mexico D.F.

Graffiti // Monday, October 13, 2014
Pant1 has dropped another new banger, with eclectic colors against a black background in Mexico.

Stairway to Sofles

Graffiti // Monday, October 13, 2014
Simple font lettering with some chips up a staircase by Australian graffiti writer, Sofles.

video: Trav MSk - Melrose

Graffiti // Sunday, October 12, 2014
Watch as Trav uses some Ironlak to paint this crispy MSK on Melrose Ave in Hollywood, California.

video: Summertime with Snoeman

Graffiti // Saturday, October 11, 2014
Watch this new video Snoeman from NYC's Smart Crew just dropped which shows fights, partying, oh and of course spraying his name all over the city with other bombers such as Sake and Fonse.

Scene Report: Los Angeles

Graffiti // Friday, October 10, 2014
Each week we feature updates on current graffiti scenes in a number of major U.S. cities with the help of a few select photographers. Walter Yetman aka The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye delivers this week’s Los Angeles Scene Report.

Baer with us, hold on tight

Graffiti // Friday, October 10, 2014
In other dimension news, Baer has set off for a space odyssey like no other that involves letters.

Video: Sofles in Paris

Graffiti // Friday, October 10, 2014
Watch as Sofles goes on a spray tour through the streets of Paris and doesn’t mind exposing is face while doing so. A few box trucks, a few pieces, a rolldown by Sobekcis and a soundtrack by Run The Jewels (EL-P and Killer Mike). 

Crush City block party in Brisbane

Graffiti // Friday, October 10, 2014
Ironlak will be hosting an event in Brisbane on Sunday called Crush City Block Party, that will have live painting from the two exceptionally talented writers Berst (New Zealand) and Kems (USA).Go check them out and enjoy the BBQ!


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