Blue by Score

Graffiti // Friday, January 20, 2012
In a cinder block setting, Score paints a piece and a funny character.

Letter Mutations

Graffiti // Friday, January 20, 2012
Here is a strange extraterrestrial illustration by French graffiti writer, Saeio.


Graffiti // Friday, January 20, 2012
Graffiti can already be offensive, but with a name like Rapes, it adds that extra aggressive aspect.

Chicken Pocks

Graffiti // Thursday, January 19, 2012
Orfn, aka Helldiver continues to make some of the most unique graffiti in the streets of San Francisco.


Graffiti // Thursday, January 19, 2012
Nice font from Slay in Los Angeles.  Looks very unobtrusive where it’s placed, could easily be the name of the business?

Rime piece in Mexico City

Graffiti // Thursday, January 19, 2012
One of the many graffiti pieces Rime dropped while traveling in Mexico City.  This ones got some great funk going on.

Omens x 3

Graffiti // Thursday, January 19, 2012
Omens drops three pieces side by side. That three-punch knock out or a tactical move to hog up the spot.  No sidebusting needed.


Graffiti // Thursday, January 19, 2012
Here is an extra large tag by Paris-based graffiti crusher, Oclock.  Reggae hat bonus.

"Float" Mural in Atlanta by Hense

Street Art // Wednesday, January 18, 2012
For years now, Hense has remained a key player in Atlanta’s graffiti scene producing quality work in and around the city. Here the artist branches out his traditional creative medium by painting a large abstract mural commissioned by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs.  It’s great to see city officials supporting and validating local artists in the South.

Stages of Evolution by Wais

Graffiti // Wednesday, January 18, 2012
We are only familiar with a few writers from Russia, Wais being the standout x100.  When producing work like this it’s hard not to take notice.  Four different pieces painted, eventually turning into a bouquet of vibrant flowers.  Yes, he did.


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