Video: NYC Subway Graffiti Artist Sharp Interview (1984)

Graffiti // Friday, August 21, 2015
Chester interviews Sharp regarding his subway graffiti in New York City back in 1984, which at the time was rather controversial and debated as a form of art. As far as fashion and that background of where they are interviewing is concerned, it is absouletely perfect!

I dont care...

Graffiti // Thursday, August 20, 2015
We won’t argue the fact that Berg doesn't care much. The writing is literally on the wall and says it even more in action

Looking inside Incognito Magazine #17

Graffiti // Thursday, August 20, 2015
Publishing two issues a year and celebrating their 10th year in existence, Sweden-based Incognito Magazine has released their 17th issue. At 64 pages, this issue highlights the work of and interviews Caster, Saeio, Begr & Edward Nightingale.

A collection of Gasp photos

Graffiti // Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Today we check out a collection of Gasp from Pigs crew trains, whose simple style and quantity of work has made him a staple ont the railroads.

Baer's "Best Truck Rolling"

Graffiti // Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Baer did a number on this delivery truck in monochrome that includes a number of different scenes playing out and all his BTR crew members names subtly included as well.

New Nesta piece

Graffiti // Wednesday, August 19, 2015
A new Nesta anything is always exciting to see, especially when it looks anything like this! This is like the hybrid of a futuristic video game logo mixed with metal welding work combined with a letterpress letters.

Scene Report: Bay Area

Graffiti // Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Each week we feature updates on current graffiti scenes in a number of major U.S. cities with the help of a few select photographers. Gordon Gekkoh delivers this week’s Bay Area Scene Report.

Finok x Ise

Graffiti // Tuesday, August 18, 2015
VLOK crew member Finok and Ise hold the streets of São Paulo, Brazil down with their awesomely weird styles.


Graffiti // Tuesday, August 18, 2015
When we saw this old Cecske that song by Justin Timerlake “Sexy Back” popped into our head and most likely cause we want to see Cecske make a comeback.

River on the railraod

Graffiti // Tuesday, August 18, 2015
We like seeing that River is trying new methods and ways of painting his name, especially because they are on boxcars.


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