New work from Vibes

Graffiti // Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Vibes has been doing a stand up job at painting some attractive looking graffiti lately. 

Video: Graffiti Writer found dead hanging off Sacramento high-rise

Graffiti // Wednesday, April 03, 2013
  A 30-year old man from Vancouver was found dead dangling from an 18-story building in Sacramento Monday night. Officials believed he was trying to propel to catch tag based on evidence such as a spray can found at the scene, however if you look at where he was in this video it doesn’t seem like the place was very visible to risk all that for? 

Wouldn't That be cool?

Graffiti // Wednesday, April 03, 2013
A Photoshop illusion, but an interesting look that would certainly grab ones attention.

Clean Train Color matching...

Graffiti // Wednesday, April 03, 2013
And the award for matching a color scheme to a clean train goes to… 

Zoer x Velvet

Graffiti // Tuesday, April 02, 2013
There’s definitely something different in the water where Zoer is living. This looks similar to Zoer’s previous collaboration wall with Dems where they performed an “Optical Twitch.” Perhaps a video will be released of this one as well. Beautifully documented against all the beige and de-saturated colors.

Pear x Trav

Graffiti // Tuesday, April 02, 2013
These old projects just got a crispy new paint job from Pear and Trav and we don’t think anyone will be complaining.

Nekst Truck by Steel

Graffiti // Tuesday, April 02, 2013
  Another truck hooked up with a bold crumbling block letter Nekst painted by Steel. Don’t overlook the burger head, piece symbol shirt wearing Viking! Dangerousssss…


Graffiti // Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Now there’s a name we don’t mind seeing resurface! Grey getting out and about again.

Intl" Playa...

Graffiti // Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Around New York you can’t help but stumble across the name Malvo frequently and if you travel enough internationally, more of the same will happen. 


Graffiti // Monday, April 01, 2013
That color combo strangely makes us crave nachos, but also makes up feel dizzy like it could induce a seizure. Hopefully, we are eating nachos while we have our fit.


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