Most JCJB Trackside

Graffiti // Friday, September 27, 2013
The “M” and “S” on this Most trackside both look like they got the samurai sword chop!

Dceve on top

Graffiti // Thursday, September 26, 2013
You know that spot you always wanted to get but you were to distracted closing out the bar or finishing up on your favorite HBO series? Well, Dceve got it while you were sleeping and it’s going to have no difficulty grabbing attention.

Gable x False x Navy8

Graffiti // Thursday, September 26, 2013
Deth Kult Crew members Gable, False and Navy8, all flawlessly demonstrate how to properly execute straight letters. 

Metal Read More Books Flags

Graffiti // Thursday, September 26, 2013
Read More Books created his own metal plated custom flags, connected by a long chain link and attached to a telephone pole.

Nise NSF

Graffiti // Thursday, September 26, 2013
New Nise piece comes with complimentary baby throw ups and barbed wire. Free of charge.

Old Bay Bridge gets painted

Graffiti // Wednesday, September 25, 2013
It didn’t take long after the new span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge opened for the old portion to get painted. Plan9 and Mike got quite the spot that even caught the attention of the local ABC News channel that did a video segment about it. It’s slated to get torn down, so does it really matter anyways? Let it ride!

Hypergraphia @ BC Gallery

Graffiti // Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Focusing on the power of the letter with an emphasis on urban calligraphy, HyperGraphia is a group exhibition that opened last weekat BC Gallery in Berlin. From New York style graffiti tags to Middle Eastern influenced calligraphy, the exhibition features the work of Sowat, Max Rippon, Heiko Zahlmann, Sohead, Tilt, Vincent Abadie Hafez and Os+Fortes. Check out some of the work on display for this exhibition that runs through October 27, 2013.

Sofles x Retro

Graffiti // Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Sofles and Retro took over this rooftop and conquered it in style.

New album by Vibes

Graffiti // Wednesday, September 25, 2013
If Vibes were to have a music group, this could easily be the album cover design for his record. 

Purge in the Fall

Graffiti // Tuesday, September 24, 2013
The background of this new Purge piece goes appropriately with the seasonal colors of fall, although we doubt that was intended. 


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